Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now I Feel Old

Obviously I titled my blog, "I Don't Think I'm a Grown-up Yet" and I am going to completely negate that statement with my first post. Kody and I have been in Tulsa since August and I am still looking for a job. Yes, this makes me feel somewhat pathetic and ridiculous, but that is ok. I have been substitute teaching since the beginning of the school year and that brings me to my story. Last week I subbed in a high school AP Economics and History class. Sounds like too much fun, I know, so please try to control your jealously through the rest of my post. A senior boy was wearing a track shirt from the previous season which had some sort of motivational quote on the back as they usually do. No big deal. A girl read it and started to make conversation about the quote. Exciting. The boy responds with this statement, "Yeah, this year's shirt has some quote from a Vanilla Ice song...I don't know even know the words". What? You don't know the words? Your are kidding, right? Then a different girl chimes in, "Yeah isn't it like, Ice ice baby, da da da da dada da da? I don't know the rest!" (insert high school female giggles here). Of course I'm sitting behind my big teacher desk pretending to be an authority figure (which we all know I'm not) singing the words to Ice Ice Baby in my head. It takes everything inside of me to not blurt them out. It made me start to ponder what is the last age group that actually knows the words to Ice Ice Baby? I can get up and spit them out at a moments notice for karaoke and I am 24 going on 25. Yikes. Are we the last age group to appreciate the lyrical genius that is Ice Ice Baby? It's scary. The next day a middle school student was talking about Marilyn Manson saying,"Is it a boy or a girl?" Another student says, "Who is Marilyn Manson, I've never heard of it". Good gosh. Now I feel old.