Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Day

Today was Kody's first day of his internship. That is weird to say, type and think. Everything he has worked so hard for started today. This week is orientation. He will be going through certifications, HR paperwork, schedules, benefits, hospital tours, etc. The real fun begins on July 1st. He finds out tomorrow about his schedule. Intern years are pretty similar no matter the hospital or specialty. Most of them go through a month or so of some sort of internal medicine, ER, general surgery, family and a few others scattered here or there. Interns don't do much in their specialty until their 2nd year.

He texted me today and said, "My badge says Dr. King". I laughed a little bit. How amazing and strange all at the same time!

I'm praying hard that we will get an offer on our home soon. As sad as I am to leave our home, I am so excited to be with him in Michigan and start our new life. Bailey is ready too. She already misses her daddy.

In other news, I'm gearing up for my ten year high school reunion this weekend. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends before the big move. I know this will be the last time I will see a lot of these people for a very long time. I'm so blessed that I am still so close with so many of my wonderful friends from high school. I know I will stay close with them for years to come as well. Thanks world wide web and Al Gore.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Away from Home

I officially found us an apartment in Michigan until we buy a home. We totally lucked out. I know it is a God thing because I have been praying that all of this would work out and slowly, but surely it is. We didn't really look for a temporary home in Michigan while we were there last weekend. Partly because we didn't want to mess with it and partly because we were both in denial. However, Kody actually does need somewhere to live when he leaves next week. Imagine that. I spent a good portion of Sunday and yesterday calling apartment complexes. Most only have twelve month leases and most "pet" friendly apartments are occupied until August. Well, that simply would not work.

I found a place that I thought would work. It was a bit more money than I wanted to spend and they would only take a twelve month lease. We don't plan on staying in an apartment for twelve months (once our house sells we are buying). However, it was the best I could find. The downside is if we broke our lease we would have to pay a two months rent penalty. Ouch. It was a little further from the hospital than we wanted, but it was manageable. Oh yeah, and they did not have a microwave. Boo.

Kody was OK with it. It was the best we could find. However, I decided to try one more place and it was like magic! The lady was insanely nice. Turns out they had one unit in their "pet building" left and it was a one bed one bath...just like we wanted. Plus, they have a three month lease option! I know, this might sound silly to be excited about, but the timing on it is just perfect. Also, since Kody is a hospital employee now he gets all the upfront fees waved. Awesome. We are paying a little more per month for the short term lease, but we won't have to break the lease and mess with all that junk so in the long run it saves us quite a bit of money. Plus, this place is less than three miles from the hospital.

I'm so grateful Kody will have an actual place to live next week that will be his. No sharing with other residents or extended stay hotels. He'll have his own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Plus, Bailey will have lots of friends in the "pet building" when we get there in August! YAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Time is Near....

Two weeks. Kody has two weeks left in Tulsa until he heads up to Michigan for orientation. It is a very weird feeling. Last night we were getting into bed and he said, "I only have one more Tuesday night at the house before I leave." Strange! We were in Michigan this last week house hunting and getting to know the are better.

A few things I am really excited about:
* Cheeseburger in Paradise
* Partridge Creek Mall - yeah that's right, Ann Taylor Loft, Bebe, Banana Republic, Coach, Forever 21, H&M, J Crew....yes, be jealous of me. We strolled around one night and it was so much fun. They also have a really great cupcake place and a dog bakery. Heaven! They have a stage in the middle of the mall with live music during the summer too. We were rocking out.
* Lake St. Claire - it feels like the east coast. Ahhhh North Carolina. There is a beach, cute little restaurants on the water and lots and lots of boats.
* The lack of summer heat. OK, I know it is going to be "hot", but it will not be Oklahoma hot. It was in the high 70's and low 80's the entire time we were there. YAY!

So, in short, I have some things to look forward to and I have a really good attitude. We found a couple houses we like, but we still need to sell ours. We keep telling Bailey she is about to become a "Michigan dog" and she seems to be OK with that. What a trooper.

This weekend our CrossFit gym is having a going away party for us. I love them all so dearly. They have become our family. We did try out a CrossFit in Michigan and really liked it. The great thing about CrossFit is that no matter where you are the people are always friendly and welcoming. We really felt at home and I know that will be a wonderful place for us to build new friendships.

Next weekend my sister is driving from Tucson to Oklahoma. She is getting deployed in July to Kuwait. My parents are keeping her two cats for her during those six months. That should be very interesting. The timing is perfect because Kody and I will get to see her before he leaves and before she deploys. She is supposed to be back in January. I can't even begin to imagine what that is going to be like for her, but she is very excited. I'm so proud of my sister. She just became a Captain in the Air Force and I know she is amazing at what she does. I'm so thankful for her and all the others, like my brother in law Kasey, who decide to devote their lives to serving our great country. I don't believe they will ever get enough praise.

Oh yes, and in case you were curious, I finished seventh at the CrossFit South Central Regional over Memorial Day weekend. I wrote a recap of the event on my nutrition blog. You can go here to read all about it. I still don't feel like I have fully recovered, but it was a wonderfully horrible weekend. :)