Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go Gators!

The past five days (before Monday) were so wonderful. Wednesday night we headed to Bartlesville for Thanksgiving with Kody's family. We got to see Kasey which was great since we hardly ever see him anymore, plus we ate a lot of food on Thanksgiving. I love holidays that encourage lots of eating, especially holidays where you celebrate multiple times with lots of eating. My parents were going to come as well, but the ended up having to stay home to take care of the Dori dog. I love her, but she requires lots of love and attention. :) I was sad they weren't there, but it was a lot of fun to be with Kody's family and EAT!

Friday we flew out to Florida. We had no problems flying which was fantastic. We rented a car in Orlando and drove to Gainesville. We saw the Disney Magical Express when we got to the airport and it made us miss Disney. I need to go back. Anyway, Florida is gorgeous so I always love driving there; lots of palm trees and greenness. My family was waiting for us at the hotel and we all headed over the The Swamp (not the field, but a sports bar) and watched the basketball game and ate. It was a lot of fun, but we were exhausted from traveling. They did have some of the most amazing spinach dip I have ever had. I think I ate the whole thing on my own.

Saturday was game day. YAY! I woke up and got in a good run (nerd) and then the whole crew headed to McAlister's for lunch. We walked all around campus, went the bookstore and bought shirts. Kody got some gator scrubs. Very cool. The tailgate started at 2 pm. My aunt and uncle had it catered and it was amazing. There were so many people and the weather was awesome. Kody and I got to see the Gator Walk. The whole team came walking into the stadium dressed in suits. We were right at the front so we had a great view. I was about 10 feet from Urban, Percy, Bubba, and Tim! Tim Tebow looked so embarrassed walking in to all the cheers. He seems very humble. I like that about him. :)

The game started at 5pm and we had great seats on the 40 yard line 19 rows up. As you can tell, we had a pretty great view of the action. The game was great. There is nothing like a game at The Swamp. I'm not just saying that because I am a Gator fan, but it's the truth. It is beyond loud and huge and full of energy. It's a very exciting environment. I couldn't have been happier to be there and see my family and see the game. I have more to write, but I don't want this to get too long, so I'll leave a few fun stories for tomorrow!

Joke from my string cheese wrapper:
Q:What do you call a sleeping bull?
A: A bull dozer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let the Fun Begin...

I ran for the first time with my short hair this morning. It was so exciting. It barely all got up and I had to wear pre-warp to keep it from getting in my face. I love wearing pre-wrap in my hair again. I feel like an athlete again. Silly, I know, but pre-wrap used to play a very large role in my life. I wore it daily for years. I miss it. I have pretty pink pre-wrap now. I think I want to get some purple and green. Anyway, my hair all stayed up and I didn't feel any of it on my neck. It was so exciting! It was also my first run since the half marathon. I felt really good. Not sore at all...probably because I only ran 4 miles and very slow. Good times.

We are heading up to Bville this afternoon. I actually get to leave work in 9 minutes. We are shutting down early today. Obviously I have pretty much wrapped everything up since I am writing on here. The past week and a half has been nuts. I have decided that the end of the year in advertising is insane, but a good insane. I like it. It keeps me on my toes and busy and that is what I like. Boredom is not my friend, unless I am on the couch in my sweats and eating popcorn. I like that kind of boredom.

Look for me on TV at the Florida/Florida State game. It is on 4PM central time on CBS. I'll be the crazy one. :) I'm sure I'll have lots of fun stories to tell when I get back...hopefully one about how Tim Tebow and I are BFF's. It will happen...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bye Bye Hair

I chopped my hair off today. It's shorter than my shoulder. I love it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Time

Saturday we had Thanksgiving at our house and I successfully cooked my first turkey. I feel quite accomplished, although I felt slightly dumb when I started to make it. I had to find the bag that had the giblets and the bag that had the neck and pull them out. The neck bag was in the body cavity of the turkey and it was so hard to find. I felt like I was operating. Luckily, I found both bags and cooked a very moist and delicious turkey! We had way too much food. My plan semi back fired on me. I ran the Route 66 half marathon on Sunday (which I will get to in a moment), so I figured if we had Thanksgiving the day before it would control my eating. Wrong. Apparently I forgot I was running the next day and proceeded to eat far too much. It was all so good, I couldn't just leave perfectly good food sitting there untouched! My mom and Kody's mom were a great help. They both made side dishes and Kody's mom did the majority of the dishes and when I say majority I actually mean all of them. :) I think we have enough food to feed us for the next three days until we go to Bartlesville for Thanksgiving part 2. YAY!

Sunday was the big race. Luckily the overeating didn't effect me very much. It was amazing running weather. 60 degrees, overcast, no wind...perfect! My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. Robin told Kody and my mom that I would finish in 1:53:00. I laughed at them. She must know something I don't though because I ran a 1:53:12. I was shocked in a really good way. I told myself I would not look at the overall time throughout the race. I wanted to focus on my pace time. I was averaging between 8:30 and 8:42 minute miles. I felt great the whole race. The last three miles were all hills, which I rocked. :) I like hills at the end of a race because everyone slows down and I pass them. I love passing people, it makes me feel awesome.

Kody played in his first roller hockey game on Sunday. He scored a goal and had an assist. It was fun to watch him. There weren't any benches which was annoying because I had just finished my race. I had to stand the entire game so I could see what was going on, but it was worth it to see him play. One of his professors was playing in the game before his. It was kind of funny. She played in college...yes she. I was impressed.

Three days of work and then four days of play. Gainesville here we come!! I hope I get to meet Tim and Percy....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have a problem. I just went through a pack of Orbit Raspberry Mint gum in exactly 21 hours. I bought it last night at 6PM at Wal-Mart and today at 3PM all 14 pieces are missing. By missing I actually mean "all pieces have been chewed by me". I just couldn't stop. This morning when I got to work I just kept popping them in my mouth. I wasn't even thinking. I hope I have no permanent damage to my jaw.

In other news, it's only 4 more days until the half marathon. I'm getting very excited. It is supposed to be slightly overcast with a high of 68 on Sunday. Perfect running weather! I'm also officially going to Dallas to run in the WhiteRock half marathon. I'm actually going to cheer Kinsey on because she is running her first full, but I figure while I'm there I might as well run too. I'm such a nerd. It will be a fun excuse to get to see Kinz and Aimee. I love girl weekends.

I'm currently craving a whole grain bagel from panera and a diet root beer....plus twizzlers.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day four of P90X round two....so far so good. I am looking forward to today's workout because it is yoga. I miss yoga. I really fell in love with it last time. I did get up and run this morning. I'm starting to taper for the run. It is a very strange feeling when running five miles feels like nothing. Amazing.

Kody's last test of the six week stretch is tomorrow. YAY! I got some sweet action tickets from work for the OSU v Kansas game on Saturday. I gave them to Kody so he would have something exciting to do this weekend since I'm having my girls weekend. YAY! Less than 27 hours until the fun begins.

Robin turns 24 tomorrow. I can't believe she is that old now! I almost said 22, which also seemed too old. I realized today that I will be 26 on my next birthday. It's not like I had some big realization and finally figured out how old I am, because I have always known....I promise. I just don't think about it that often. Age has never been a big deal to me...except for 16. Kody's dad's birthday is tomorrow as well. He is not turning 24. :)

Happy Thursday!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Update

I had a very eventful and fulfilling weekend in good ole Edmond. I got to spend time with Angela and Lauren Friday night following a fabulous meal at my favorite, Fish City, with my parents. Saturday I met Cassie, Aimee, and Gabriele at City Bites (another hometown fav) for lunch. My mom and I went to visit Tyler, Darin, and Ryan that afternoon. She was so adorable. I held her while she was sleeping...precious. Later that night I realized my shoulders were very sore. Who knew holding a baby would be such a work out! It was great though. She is just too cute.

Saturday night I ate dinner with the fam at another great one, Old Chicago's. OC's is family favorite from Colorado Springs and now Edmond has one. Tulsa needs to follow the lead. Yum yum. I met Cassie and Aimee at Coach's later to watch some of the OU game. We ended up actually getting into the LSU/Alabama game. Of course, LSU got lucky and pulled it out. I unfortunately did not get to see Florida's game because it was on Gameplan. Boo. I wish I could have seen Mr. Tebow break the SEC single season rushing touchdown record, but I did not. I get to see him in person in three weeks though. Technically it is 19 days, but who is counting? I had a great time with the girls. It was so fun to see so many friends and spend time with my parents.

Kody stayed here and went to Kellen's last game of the season. He didn't have too much studying to do so he got to relax, which was nice for him. Our battery in one of the cars is dead so he was semi stranded. Luckily his parents were doing some shopping in Tulsa on Saturday so he got to pal around with them. Angela and Lauren are coming up to Tulsa this weekend for a girls weekend. I can't wait! We are going to hit up Melting Pot...bring it on. Good times are awaiting us.

In other news, Kody and I started P90X round 2 today. I can't wait to see how ripped we are going to get. :) The half marathon is less than two weeks away. I am ready to go!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Heart Chocolate

The Tulsa Run was a success. I finished under my gaol time, which was 1:20:00. I ran a 1:19:26 which is right around 8:30 pace. I was on pace to run about a 1:15:00, but I semi died. The first third of the run was uphill. I was not prepared! Needless to say, I am going to do a little more hill work before the Route 66 half marathon on Nov 18. I already checked the elevation map for the course and it doesn't head uphill until the last few miles. I can handle hills at the end because I am pumped to finish. Hills at the beginning, however, just make me too tired too fast. I feel positive that I am going to have a good experience in the half marathon. I'm getting excited!

I went to the gym this morning to get my run in before work. Two girls probably around 30 were running next to me. I overheard one of them talking about how she has been nauseous during her pregnancy (she wasn't showing so I'm sure she is only a few months along). Then I heard her say she was going to run ten to twelve miles that morning. Somehow being pregnant and running twelve miles doesn't really go well together in my head, although I'm quite envious! I'm not sure the baby feels the same way.

Last night was Halloween and this year we had a much more successful trick or treating turnout at our house. Bailey dressed up like a skeleton. She looked precious. She greeted all the kids at the door. They all loved her...of course! Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop eating Halloween candy today. I thought I was smart by giving all of our leftovers to Kody to take to school, but people at work did not do the same thing. They all brought it HERE! Seriously, you expect me to resist free chocolate when it is sitting in front of me all day? It doesn't matter how much will power I think I have. When chocolate is involved all bets are off.

Crislyn is staying with us tonight. I'm so excited to have a house guest! It's always fun when friends come to visit. More of you should do it!

Fun stat for the day: Women spend 205 million minutes per month on People.com, more than any other celebrity site. Thank you Media Week magazine.