Friday, February 27, 2009

Off to the Sunshine State

Wedding season is sneaking up on us and I am kicking it off this weekend in Orlando, Florida for my dear cousin Linda's wedding. I fly out this afternoon and get back on Sunday. Yes, it will be a short getaway, but I've been looking forward to it for a long time. The sun, time with family, and best of cake!
Yes, that is my wedding cake and it was soooooooooooooo yummy. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to being with Linda on her big day! I am not, however, looking forward to the flight. Hopefully I will be asleep before we take off. I started coughing horribly about 2AM this morning and I'm still going strong. Luckily, we had a good supply of Tylenol Cold at home. I think I'm going to be the passenger that everyone tries to avoid. Another reason to fall asleep quickly...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

AI Week Two

He's amazing and everyone BETTER have voted for him last night. My hopeful for the American Idol crown...Adam Lambert! He is exactly the kind of artist I love...quirky, theatrical, a tad mysterious and awesome pipes. Kody I both agree he would be amazing in Jesus Christ Superstar...he has that kind of voice. I've loved him since he auditioned and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Unfortunately some of my other pregame favorites folded under the pressure last night. Too bad. I still think Jamar should be there...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter

My dad and my sister are pretty much clones of each other. I was browsing through some old pictures and these just jumped out at me. Two peas in a pod. Nerds....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have the cleanest, most organized garage in Tulsa. Don't believe me? Come check it out! Kody and I spent a good portion of our weekend organizing, sweeping and throwing out junk. I really should give Kody most of the credit. He worked very hard! Of course, the garage has been his workshop over the last few months and I don't know what half the stuff is that he has in there. It was honestly a disaster. Nothing was where it should have been, only one car could fit and it just annoyed me to death. I don't blame Kody one bit, it just took on a life of its own. I am a firm believer that a garage is for parking cars...not for junk! I'm sure our garbage men loved us this morning. I hope they take everything.

Next thing to tackle is the office. The office seems like it is always a work in progress. One month is is wonderful and the next we keep the door shut so no one can see inside! By the time we get it organized the way we want it we'll end up moving...I'm sure of it! I'm not the cleanest person in the world, you can ask anyone I have ever lived with. I still have stuff in my room at my parent's house that I haven't unpacked since I moved out of my apartment in college. Not lying! Anyway, I always say that I have organized piles. I can tell you exactly where everything is, it just looks messy. This weekend Kody and I both just kind of flipped out and said "enough is enough!". We both really want to be clean, but when we both don't get home until 8PM (straight from work to the gym!) each day it is really hard to get motivated to spend the two hours we are awake at home cleaning! Kody working on weekends and us being out of town never helps either. I'm going to enjoy this as long as it lasts!

Saturday Night Conversation at Red Robin:
Me: "They play really great music here."
Bobbing my head to the beat of some sweet old school tunes...
Me: "I think I should make soundtracks for a living...I would be really good at that."
Kody: "Yeah, except every movie would sound like it was from the 80's!"
He knows me too well...

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Miss It...

I know it is only February, almost March, but I already miss football season. Everyday I have the same routine in the morning when I get to work. Check my email, look at Fox News, listen to voice mail and then look at ESPN's college football page. After I do all of that (which takes five minutes) I can start my day. Unfortunately, that last part of my routine has been boring over the last two months. I'm just itching for some great story to come up, but so far there is nothing. Today, for a moment, my heart started to race when I read the headline "Florida's James Undergoes Foot Surgery". Thankfully, it is not serious and Mr. James Punt Returner Extraordinaire will be back to new before fall practice starts. Gosh that seems so far away...

In all my distress over the lack of college football news, it came to me that this upcoming football season will be very different than the past three we have experienced while living in Tulsa. Kody and I love to entertain and have friends over. It really doesn't matter what it is for. We have LOST parties, Florida parties, Birthday parties, It's Nice Outside and We Want to Cook Out parties...basically we like to make food for people so they will hang out with us. This summer and fall, however, Kody won't be here. After the month of April he will begin is trek around Oklahoma/The US of A doing rotations. Although he has not set up rotations after July, we both know most of them will not be in Tulsa. He is doing his first orthopedic rotation in March. If all goes well and he loves it, he'll use the rest of his elective rotations to rotate at orthopedic programs across the country. If not, then who knows, but he'll still be away from Tulsa...a lot. Most programs like you to rotate with them if you plan on applying to their program. For me, however, that means I will be in Tulsa and he'll be in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Ohio or Missouri. Isn't that crazy? I'm actually excited for him and it will give me a chance to visit him on his great adventure! The worst part, however, will be game day during the fall. It just won't be the same without him! Hopefully he can swing an OKC rotation in November...that is the best month of every football fan's season. It can make you or break you!

Oh and I almost forgot, I started training for the OKC Memorial Marathon this week. I'm only running the half marathon. It will be my fourth. Hopefully all will go well and I'll stay healthy. I'm really looking forward to my long runs on the weekends during the spring.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cutest Pet Contest

Bailey had her portrait made last night. Yes, my dog. Go ahead and laugh, but it was for a good cause! MotoPhoto in Tulsa has an annual Cutest Pet Contest to benefit the Tulsa SPCA. Bailey received a free portrait sitting and 5x7 photo with at least a $10 donation. I feel confident that Bailey's photo is going to make the judging tough! She was really excited when we started because she could smell all the other dogs. Once she finally settled and the camera started flashing the supermodel inside of her started beaming! She had three different "looks", all of which were as cute as could be. She had a hard time keeping her tongue in her mouth...I never realized how long it was. Kody and I are just in awe of her cuteness and will probably head back to buy a few more prints. Give us a break, we don't have children to eww and awe over so we do if for our dog. The contest ends on February 24th so I will keep you posted on the outcome. Keep your fingers crossed! If she wins, she'll be featured in Tulsa Pet's magazine! Go Bailey!

Was anyone else completely disappointed in the "talent" on American Idol last night? I'm keeping the faith that Anoop will make it through, but I'm pretty sure Danny will be the male winner of the evening. I think they should send every single female home. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The blond chick with pink strips was alright, but I need to see more over her before I decide on my true feelings. They showed my favorite cast off, Jamar, sitting in the audience. I wonder what he was thinking as he watched the depressing display of singing ability on stage? Yes, I'm still upset.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Disappointed...

I am really, really, REALLY miffed at American Idol right now. I'm sure I'll get over it in a couple days, but for now I remain angry. One of my very favorites did not make the top thirty six and I am very confused as to how others (Nick Mitchell's alter ego Norman and crazy laughing girl Tatiana..are you kidding me?) made it ahead of him. You may remember the insanely talented Jamar Rogers whose best friend is the equally super talented Danny Gokey. They both auditioned in Kansas City, both made it to Hollywood, did a crazy a cappella group performance and then both did fantastic with their solos. Danny made it through and Jamar did not. Why? Why? Why? I AM ANGRY. I will miss Jamar and his skinny ties, stellar voice and song arrangments. I had five favorites and now it is down to four...Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey...don't disappoint me! I'm sure I will ewwing and awwing over these four during the next three weeks.

Anyone named Anoop that can sing Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" and win over Simon must be a rock star.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!

That 90's classic just started playing on the radio. Since I am practically alone in the office I'm dancing a little bit in my chair. I imagine a world where groups of people that do not know each other break in to perfectly synchronized choreographed dance like they do in Newsies and Super Star. "Everybody Dance Now" is actually the sound track to my favorite "random" movie dance in the movie Super Star. Mary Cathrine Gallagher and friends put on a tremendous show in the cafeteria. Why do things like that not happen in real life? I need them to happen! Someday...

Tulsa is under a tornado watch until 10PM. This is usually the time of year I start emailing my TV reps and tell them to make sure the weather men only tell me what is going on during commercial breaks. Yes, I have that kind of power. Ok, not really, but I try! As a media buyer I shouldn't really want stations to interrupt my commercials, but as a TV viewer during tornado season it is the only way to go! Hopefully American Idol will come through unscathed tonight. Fox is usually good about not interrupting programming. They must not care about my safety as much as other stations, but frankly I appreciate that. :) Kidding Fox, kidding. I know you care.

This picture is old...circa summer 2007, but if I could describe what Kody and I are like together with a picture this would probably be it....special. Don't we look fun?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Match Day

Today is the D.O. match day. I know it in no way effects me at all right now, but in one year it will. In one year match day will be a huge day. One year from today Kody and I will find out our residency fate. Three hundred and sixty five days to go...

Kody and I have a house guest for the next week. Kody's BFF Clayton aka Pip is staying with us until his new crib is ready. It is fun having him around. I kind of feel like I am living in a dorm with Kody and Clayton, except it is cleaner than a dorm and I don't have to share a bathroom with boys. They lived together all through college. Technically Clayton has lived with Kody longer than I have. Bailey is having too much fun with her live in playmate for the week. They are best friends.

Can you believe this amazing weather we are having? I'm too scared to get excited. The minute I do we'll get one foot of snow. That is how it goes in Oklahoma.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Am Happy

I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. I've decided to share a list of things that have made me happy over the last week. When I actually sit down and look at how many I love about my life I can't help but smile!

1. Gelato and Cinnamon Rolls.
2. Rock Band marathons with Kody.
3. A night of rest without Bailey jumping on me at 2AM to let her outside to play with her "friends".
4. The Office being funny again.
5. My arm being back to normal after two weeks of it refusing to work properly and without pain.
6. Getting to run along the river tonight because the weather is AWESOME.
7. Weekends that my husband does not have to work. (really just my husband in general!)
8. Lunch at Los Cabos and the really good green salsa. I'm already drooling.
9. Twiggy the water skiing squirrel from the Tulsa Boat Show. He was really cute and it made me laugh.
10. Being appreciated at work.
11. Florida's 5th ranked incoming freshman class. Go Gators!
12. God's incredible love and unfailing forgiveness.
13. Talking to my mom on the phone as Rookie cat dove into a box of "packing popcorn". HA!
14. Monkeys.
15. Old and new friends.
16. Sweatpants.
17. American Idol.
18. Jeans from college that still fit five years later. (seriously, five years...I've been out of college almost five years?)
19. Dreaming of traveling to all the millions of places I WILL see during my lifetime.
20. The endless supply of Orbit gum in my desk at work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Take a minute to think about all the things that make YOU smile!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Going to Hollywood!

OK, not really, but American Idol is....tonight! I'm so excited. I love Hollywood week. It is the week of the unexpected. Heartache, jubilation, is a roller coaster of emotions as a viewer...and probably as a contestant as well. Every year I have favorites that are left out the final mix. I am also always left thinking to myself, "How in that world did that person make it to the final 24?" Sometimes the judges amaze me...

I'm pretty sure Kody and I would both make the cut. We played Rock Band 2 for five straight hours Sunday afternoon. We have achieved global domination. Our band name is "Kody" and yes, we rock. Kody plays guitar and I sing. I know, one might think the roles should be reversed since Kody is a past recording artist and I played piano for fifteen years. Yes, my husband is actually a rock star in the acapella Christan music world. (scroll down to Wisdom, Power and Love. See his picture on the cover art? Score! Listen to track number 11 "They Need Jesus". Yes, he's amazing. He wrote number 1 and number 8. I like to brag on him.) Kody might have the voice, but I am gifted with knowing the words and tune to every song ever written. My voice is like gold in the Rock Band world!

Also, please help my dear dog friend Sadie win MVP Pet Contest from Bissell. Click on the link in the sidebar on the right side of my page. You can vote until February 10th. Go Sadie!