Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cutest Pet Contest

Bailey had her portrait made last night. Yes, my dog. Go ahead and laugh, but it was for a good cause! MotoPhoto in Tulsa has an annual Cutest Pet Contest to benefit the Tulsa SPCA. Bailey received a free portrait sitting and 5x7 photo with at least a $10 donation. I feel confident that Bailey's photo is going to make the judging tough! She was really excited when we started because she could smell all the other dogs. Once she finally settled and the camera started flashing the supermodel inside of her started beaming! She had three different "looks", all of which were as cute as could be. She had a hard time keeping her tongue in her mouth...I never realized how long it was. Kody and I are just in awe of her cuteness and will probably head back to buy a few more prints. Give us a break, we don't have children to eww and awe over so we do if for our dog. The contest ends on February 24th so I will keep you posted on the outcome. Keep your fingers crossed! If she wins, she'll be featured in Tulsa Pet's magazine! Go Bailey!

Was anyone else completely disappointed in the "talent" on American Idol last night? I'm keeping the faith that Anoop will make it through, but I'm pretty sure Danny will be the male winner of the evening. I think they should send every single female home. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The blond chick with pink strips was alright, but I need to see more over her before I decide on my true feelings. They showed my favorite cast off, Jamar, sitting in the audience. I wonder what he was thinking as he watched the depressing display of singing ability on stage? Yes, I'm still upset.


Emily said...

I too was very disappointed. Colin said they were the most boring performances ever.

I do think that Danny will win the guy spot. But since they have a third spot open, I think Anoop will take that.

Bethany DuBose said...

Hey, I went to high school with Kody so I follow yalls blog and I have to agree with your American Idol comments... I think Anoop will get through during the wild card week. I hope. Danny is awesome I love him!! Have fun watching!!