Friday, October 26, 2007

Time to Run

Tomorrow I am running in the Tulsa Run. I really am quite excited. It will be great to see how I do pace wise since the Route 66 half marathon is coming up three weeks later. The weather is supposed to nice, maybe a little chilly, but no rain. I picked up my packet during lunch today at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tulsa. It was mass chaos. Downtown is a mess. Every road has been chopped up. I'm not exactly sure what was wrong with it before because it has been like that since we moved here. I have no concept of direction downtown. I always get stuck trying to go the wrong way on a one way street, which I did successfully once! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the run tomorrow. It's a 15K so that is 9.3 miles. It shouldn't be much a problem since I have had four training runs over 10 miles so far.

I can definitely tell it's Friday. Some of the guys are playing ping pong in the diner, people are decorating their offices with spider webs for Halloween, and I keep looking at my clock thinking it is going to say 4:59. Unfortunately it is only 2:33. Boo.

Kody has been a busy boy the past few weeks. October is a busy month for 2nd years. He has had three or so tests a week the last three weeks and will until after the first week of November. He's working hard. I'm so proud of him! I get really excited when I start think about him on rotations next year and figuring out what he wants to do. It will be quite an adventure. I've been researching residencies for him even though I know it's a few years off. It will be here before we know it though. There is no telling where we will end up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for somewhere in Florida. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Ranch Covered Foot

I just went to the diner in our office to get my afternoon snack out of the fridge. I brought a lovely batch of sweet red grapes. I had been looking forward to them all day. I opened the fridge and all the sudden I heard a big splat and felt something cold on my right foot. I looked down and a container of ranch dressing from Mazzio's had fallen out and landed right on my foot. It was covered from about mid foot to my all over the floor and bottom of the fridge. Disgusting. I now hate ranch dressing. I never liked it much to begin with, but now I have a deep hatred. There is ranch dressing stuck in the crevasses of my cute little black shoes. I also think my foot smells like ranch dressing. It's a great way to end hump day.

Lesson learned: Beware of falling food.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Home at last!

It's been a long couple of weeks. Last Saturday, September 29, I headed to San Diego for the annual AOA convention. I went as a student delegate from OSU. I went with another girl whose husband is a third year at OSU. We had a great time. We met some really fun SAA members from other schools. It was great to hear about their experiences as medical student spouses and what their lives were like. San Diego is just gorgeous. I already told Kody I'm going to find all the residencies there and he has to want to do one of those. :) He just laughed as he usually does when I say things like that, but in all honesty I wouldn't be too disappointed if I had to spend four or five years out there! We went to visit The Midway. It is a decommissioned Naval aircraft carrier that is now a museum. It was amazing. You don't realize how big those things are until you really get to walk around in it. We spent our days at lecutres and meetings and then our evenings we either had planned activities or we went out ourselves. It was a grand time and I am so glad I had the opportunity to go. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Next year it is in Vegas. I can't wait.

I got back on Wednesday so I had a short work week, which I was very thankful for. The two hour time change got to me. This weekend I went to Edmond Friday night to mess with some prescription mix ups. I got to see my parents before they left for their cruise. They are going to Boston and cruising along New England and into Canada for ten days. I'm so jealous. I know that part of the country is just gorgeous in the fall. Saturday Bailey and I drove to Bartlesville because Kasey was in town this weekend for Columbus Day. We ate a lot and watched the OU/Texas and Florida/LSU games. I guess I can't be too disappointed with the outcomes of the games. OU of course won. YAY! Florida lost in the last two minutes. They were up the whole game. It tore my heart out. They played a great game, probably one of the best ones I've seen all season considering how great LSU is. I think they will finish the season strong. They are so young...the next few years are going to be exciting. The other exciting thing is Florida State is doing a little better so the FLA/FSU game we are going to at the end of November will be really exciting. I can't wait. We leave in seven weeks. YAY! I can't wait to be there and see my family. Go Gators!

Tyler had Ryan on Friday night! She was 8lbs 4oz. I didn't get to visit because I was heading home and I didn't want to invade so early in Ryan's life....although I'm sure she would have loved me! Kody and I are so excited to meet her though! It's so strange when your friends you have known forever start to have children. It's so exciting and I am so happy for Tyler and Darin!

Kody and I are going to take Bailey to help us pick out our Halloween pumpky this week. I'm so excited to start decorating for all the holidays. YAY!