Friday, October 26, 2007

Time to Run

Tomorrow I am running in the Tulsa Run. I really am quite excited. It will be great to see how I do pace wise since the Route 66 half marathon is coming up three weeks later. The weather is supposed to nice, maybe a little chilly, but no rain. I picked up my packet during lunch today at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tulsa. It was mass chaos. Downtown is a mess. Every road has been chopped up. I'm not exactly sure what was wrong with it before because it has been like that since we moved here. I have no concept of direction downtown. I always get stuck trying to go the wrong way on a one way street, which I did successfully once! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the run tomorrow. It's a 15K so that is 9.3 miles. It shouldn't be much a problem since I have had four training runs over 10 miles so far.

I can definitely tell it's Friday. Some of the guys are playing ping pong in the diner, people are decorating their offices with spider webs for Halloween, and I keep looking at my clock thinking it is going to say 4:59. Unfortunately it is only 2:33. Boo.

Kody has been a busy boy the past few weeks. October is a busy month for 2nd years. He has had three or so tests a week the last three weeks and will until after the first week of November. He's working hard. I'm so proud of him! I get really excited when I start think about him on rotations next year and figuring out what he wants to do. It will be quite an adventure. I've been researching residencies for him even though I know it's a few years off. It will be here before we know it though. There is no telling where we will end up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for somewhere in Florida. :)

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gingela said...

VIRGINIA you are not leaving me and going to FLorida! :(