Friday, May 29, 2009

Go Gators

I have the hiccups and they will not stop. I need to learn what triggers these bad boys. Anyone know? They are getting obnoxious.

I'm going to see the might Florida Gators take on Michigan in the Women's College World Series tonight. WOOHOO! Go Gators! The Gators are seeded number 1 in the tournament. Of course that means absolutely nothing unless they keep winning. I'm hoping to sneak in an Orange Tree run tonight as well. Yum, yum. Yes, Edmond here I come. Kody is now an official resident at my parent's house for the next month during his orthopedic rotation at St. Anthony's. I'm looking forward to be reunited with my Edmond life on the weekends.

I just knocked myself in the stitches with my phone. I always hold my office phone to my left ear. I need to learn not to do that or I'm going to cause more injury than necessary.

Twilight Update:
I made my way through 212 more pages of New Moon yesterday. Everyone told me this book was going to be a lot "slower" than the first. I'm actually enjoying it just as much! Sure, it is different and I am desperately missing my Edward, but I'm still turning pages faster than ever. Maybe I had low expectations. At least it worked in my favor! Jacob's secret is I didn't see that one coming from a mile away.

Dear Cullen Family:
Please return. I miss you.
Obsessed new Twilight reader aka Ginny

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Under the Knife

I had surgery today. I have had a cyst near my left ear for about two years. Today after months and months (OK, let's get real...years) of Kody begging me to get it looked at/taken out, it happened. I just received local anesthetic, no full blown knock out. It feels like bees stinging your face when it is injected. Actually, my doctor was amazing. He is the same plastic surgeon that helped with all of my dad's surgeries for the stupid melanoma in December. Anyway, I was in a gown, on the table, my face draped and totally numb. I could hear and smell everything. Yes, I could smell my burning flesh as the cauterized the area. Fantastic. I enjoyed be wheeled via wheel chair to and from surgery. My nurses were awesome. I even got animal crackers and juice afterwards! Sure, I wasn't coming out of full unconsciousness, but I had still had surgery. I deserved it! I was very brave. Listening to your own surgery is very strange...

My face is now throbbing, I have eight stitches by my left ear and my cyst is gone. They are sending it off to pathology just to make sure there is nothing to be concerned about, which we are almost positive will be the case. I got to see it. It was the size of finger tip. WOW! I never imagined it would be that big. They said cysts are like only see the tip on the surface under the skin. Kody is going to be so jealous he didn't get to see it. He is weird and is actually intrigued by things like that. I guess that is why he wants to be a surgeon.

The worst part now is I can't work out for two or three days. Ugh.

Twilight Update:
I am 130 pages into New Moon. Last night it brought me to tears. I was literally reading in bed, tears running down my face and cursing paper cuts/birthday parties cuts in my head. I know everything will turn out better, but I'm not there yet. I need to get heart can't take this! Oh Edward...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Moon

I am now the proud owner of the entire Twilight saga! Could I be more of a fourteen year old? Well, probably. I do not have posters hanging in my room yet, but this may be going up soon.

Yes, tonight I will begin New Moon. I will probably be dedicating a portion of each entry to my reactions to what I have read. I also feel like a bit of a moron. I just realized that Rob Pattinson played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies. How did I just now realize that? Maybe it is because Cedric was not an awesome vampire that made me want to be seventeen again and have a crush that totally consumed my every waking moment. Don't you remember that feeling? Walking into class or down the hall just praying that you would get to see whoever it may be? Searching for their car in the parking lot of the school, gym, movie theater...was that just me? Don't you remember the excitement and complete horror you felt when they were or were not there? It is so fun to relive that through Bella. Ah, it makes me giddy!

Nerd, nerd, nerd....judge me...I don't care.

I was anxious as I checked out at Barnes and Noble with my last three Twilight books. I was expecting him to make some sort of comment like, " are one of those girls", but he didn't. I'm sure they get enough of girls like me coming through everyday.

New Moon is sitting on my desk starring at me. I'm not going to read it at work, but I just wanted to look at it. Now it is taunting me, daring me....that is so Edward of it...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I know, I'm behind. Everyone has already read all four books. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I told you all last week that I finally gave in. Oh my --- I am so glad that I'm following the crowd on this one. I am completely, 100%, without a doubt a Twilight fan. When I read about Edward Cullen wooing Bella Swan I get chills. I feel the anticipation just like Bella. I even find myself reacting the way Bella does when Edward appears or speaks. Yes, I am a huge nerd, but it true. I'm glad Kody won't be around during the week to watch my reactions as I read. I want to be her...

I have about one hundred plus pages to finish when I get home tonight. It will be off to Barnes & Noble to pick up New Moon tomorrow during lunch. I keep wondering how I would have pictured Edward if I didn't know what Robert Pattinson looked like. I imagine it would be somewhat similar, but I kind of wish I had my own interpretation....not that Robert is a bad one. I thoroughly enjoy what I see in my head as I read!

I'm ready to go on my vampire exploration to Forks. I hope Kody doesn't mind.

Friday, May 22, 2009


As we all prepare to celebrate a long weekend a day off from work (hooray!), I hope that everyone will take time to remember those who you have lost and those we have lost serving our country. Every year as I get older, losing those around me becomes more common and "real". My sister found out on Wednesday that her roommate 2nd semester freshman year from the Air Force Academy was killed in Afghanistan. Her name was Roslyn or "Ros". She was a 1st Lieutenant stationed out of Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu. She was an intelligence officer. She was killed by a roadside bomb along with a civilian contractor. They were all alone. No convoy. Absolutely horrible. She had been there since February 2009.

Ros was one of Robin's favorite roommates. When I talked to Robin Wednesday evening she told me how incredibly smart Ros was. Robin would ask her for help on her Chemistry homework quite often. Ros would read the question and then look at her and ask, "Robin, did you even read this question? Look on this page on this paragraph". Ha! All the students at the Academy are brilliant, but I guess Ros was something special. No wonder she went into intel. Robin's freshman squad (Viking 9 as they were called) are all going to the funeral. I know Ros's family will love to see them there. Robin's graduating class from 2006 has now had eight graduates killed during active duty. It is so sad. They are all so young and so brave. I know Robin and Kasey (Kody's brother) will both be deployed and serving our country overseas at some point in time. That is one reason Ros's death little too close to home for my family. I pray that Americans continue to give our military the proper support they need to be successful. If you think about it, please keep her family in your prayers and all the others that are currently serving our country!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I hope that no one missed this last night. Glee premiered after American Idol. I have been looking forward to this for months! It will be airing on Thursday's in the fall. I think I'm going to start signing my name with a gold star as well...

Don't stop...believing...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Giving In

I did it. I bought Twilight. I figured I would hop on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. A lot of my co-workers have been saying great things about the series. With Kody being gone during the week I actually have time to devote to reading something like this. I have been told that I will get hooked and will not bet able to put it down. Time will tell.

Kody came home for another great weekend. We spent time with his family celebrating his parent's 34th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! We were able to see Kasey and Ashley which is always fun. Ashley flew in for the weekend to see Kasey. It will be so exciting once she is a permanent member of the family. The girls have seriously been out numbered!

In the exciting news department, Kody got is CV (resume) completed this weekend! Yes, the CV is a very big deal for medical students. He will send it out with his application for residency programs beginning July 1st. Yes, July 1st he can start sending in his applications!! I kind of get dizzy every time I say that in my head, out loud or type it. I cannot believe how fast this whole experience has gone by. It is less than 365 days until his graduation, it is 361 to be exact. Wow, wow, wow. My husband is going to be a doctor in less than a year. He will technically be a fourth year medical student on July 1. He already kind of is in my eyes, but whatever.

Bailey is getting a haircut this week. I don't know when, but it is happening. I don't want black carpet anymore and I refuse the run the vacuum more than once a week. Good thing I don't have children yet...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

THE Finale

I'm so happy. American Idol has turned out exactly how Kody and I both dreamed....

By the way, I called Adam as a finalist from his audition. He was in Wicked...that makes him a winner in my book any day. I also think Kris is as cool as can be. It will be a great finale. I'm so sad it is all coming to an end. Oh how I love Idol.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Bailey was so sweet. She bought me a Diet Root Beer for Mother's Day. I feel so special.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Lot of Random...

Kody is now in Idabel. He'll be there the entire month of May. He'll be able to make it home for the weekends, which will be great. Thankfully I will be able to keep myself pretty busy during the week. I think I will get through the next two months just fine. He'll be in Oklahoma City during June. Bailey is playing watch dog, which she is totally not suited for. She's not mean enough. She's not mean at all. She's just a friendly, tail waggin' girl. I was hoping she would have stayed in bed with me all night last night, but she bolted around 2AM. So typical.

Everyone in my office is coming down with some nasty flu/virus. I don't think it is swine related, but who knows. I'm trying to stay away form everyone and keep my hands very clean. I think I'll pick up some hand sanitizer today.

In other news, my dad played golf with Bob Stoops yesterday. They had to play in the rain which I'm sure was not too fun. Sorry Angela, my dad didn't mention you. :) I asked him if he told Bob that he was a Florida fan. He did. Luckily, Bob was still nice.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone! Enjoy some chips and salsa today. Hopefully I'll have some pictures from the qualifier that I can post at some point. Kody was too busy cheering and keeping track of times to take pictures. I'm trying to gather some from others that were there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Qualifier Update!

So the qualifier is over and oh what a weekend! I'll give a better post about it later, but for those of you who are wondering...I finished 10th overall! I'm really excited about how well I did. I'm really looking forward to training over the next year to see where I can end up next time. There were some amazing athletes there. Our gym owner, Breck, finished 2nd overall and qualified to go to California! Awesome! More details about the weekend to come later. Thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes! It was a great experience and I'm really proud of myself. I also have to say I have the most supportive husband in the world! He was a really great encourager over the weekend. Thanks Kody!