Friday, May 29, 2009

Go Gators

I have the hiccups and they will not stop. I need to learn what triggers these bad boys. Anyone know? They are getting obnoxious.

I'm going to see the might Florida Gators take on Michigan in the Women's College World Series tonight. WOOHOO! Go Gators! The Gators are seeded number 1 in the tournament. Of course that means absolutely nothing unless they keep winning. I'm hoping to sneak in an Orange Tree run tonight as well. Yum, yum. Yes, Edmond here I come. Kody is now an official resident at my parent's house for the next month during his orthopedic rotation at St. Anthony's. I'm looking forward to be reunited with my Edmond life on the weekends.

I just knocked myself in the stitches with my phone. I always hold my office phone to my left ear. I need to learn not to do that or I'm going to cause more injury than necessary.

Twilight Update:
I made my way through 212 more pages of New Moon yesterday. Everyone told me this book was going to be a lot "slower" than the first. I'm actually enjoying it just as much! Sure, it is different and I am desperately missing my Edward, but I'm still turning pages faster than ever. Maybe I had low expectations. At least it worked in my favor! Jacob's secret is I didn't see that one coming from a mile away.

Dear Cullen Family:
Please return. I miss you.
Obsessed new Twilight reader aka Ginny

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