Friday, May 22, 2009


As we all prepare to celebrate a long weekend a day off from work (hooray!), I hope that everyone will take time to remember those who you have lost and those we have lost serving our country. Every year as I get older, losing those around me becomes more common and "real". My sister found out on Wednesday that her roommate 2nd semester freshman year from the Air Force Academy was killed in Afghanistan. Her name was Roslyn or "Ros". She was a 1st Lieutenant stationed out of Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu. She was an intelligence officer. She was killed by a roadside bomb along with a civilian contractor. They were all alone. No convoy. Absolutely horrible. She had been there since February 2009.

Ros was one of Robin's favorite roommates. When I talked to Robin Wednesday evening she told me how incredibly smart Ros was. Robin would ask her for help on her Chemistry homework quite often. Ros would read the question and then look at her and ask, "Robin, did you even read this question? Look on this page on this paragraph". Ha! All the students at the Academy are brilliant, but I guess Ros was something special. No wonder she went into intel. Robin's freshman squad (Viking 9 as they were called) are all going to the funeral. I know Ros's family will love to see them there. Robin's graduating class from 2006 has now had eight graduates killed during active duty. It is so sad. They are all so young and so brave. I know Robin and Kasey (Kody's brother) will both be deployed and serving our country overseas at some point in time. That is one reason Ros's death little too close to home for my family. I pray that Americans continue to give our military the proper support they need to be successful. If you think about it, please keep her family in your prayers and all the others that are currently serving our country!

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Michael and Katie said...

Such a good post Ginny. I'm so sorry to hear about Robin's roommate.

It was good seeing you guys this past weekend. I can't wait until June...I've already told Jack and he is pumped :)