Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Moon

I am now the proud owner of the entire Twilight saga! Could I be more of a fourteen year old? Well, probably. I do not have posters hanging in my room yet, but this may be going up soon.

Yes, tonight I will begin New Moon. I will probably be dedicating a portion of each entry to my reactions to what I have read. I also feel like a bit of a moron. I just realized that Rob Pattinson played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies. How did I just now realize that? Maybe it is because Cedric was not an awesome vampire that made me want to be seventeen again and have a crush that totally consumed my every waking moment. Don't you remember that feeling? Walking into class or down the hall just praying that you would get to see whoever it may be? Searching for their car in the parking lot of the school, gym, movie theater...was that just me? Don't you remember the excitement and complete horror you felt when they were or were not there? It is so fun to relive that through Bella. Ah, it makes me giddy!

Nerd, nerd, nerd....judge me...I don't care.

I was anxious as I checked out at Barnes and Noble with my last three Twilight books. I was expecting him to make some sort of comment like, " are one of those girls", but he didn't. I'm sure they get enough of girls like me coming through everyday.

New Moon is sitting on my desk starring at me. I'm not going to read it at work, but I just wanted to look at it. Now it is taunting me, daring me....that is so Edward of it...

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icook said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!! I love it- it is SO much fun to relive the saga through a newbie's eyes!!

My summer reading list is as follows:

June: re-read Twilight saga (read it in Jan)
July: re-read Harry Potter 1-6 in time for July 15 movie premiere