Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here We Go...

Alright, I'm giving blogging another whirl. I needed a break...a long one. I didn't feel like I had much to say and I have been pretty consumed with life. We sure have been busy! To bring you up to speed on our wonderful world here is a quick recap of 2010:
  • Kody accepted a residency position in Michigan in February.
  • Got our home ready for sale.
  • I competed in the CrossFit sectional and regional. Fun.
  • Kody graduated from medical school. HOORAY!
  • Kody left for Michigan in June.
  • I stayed behind until our house sold.
  • House sold.
  • I went to Michigan the end of August.
  • Lived in a one bedroom apartment for a month and slept on an air mattress. Good times.
  • Started coaching at our Michigan CrossFit gym, CrossFit Transformation. Loved it.
  • Searched for a permanent Michigan residence.
  • Started making great Michigan friends.
  • Kody in the meantime loving his hospital and fellow interns!
  • Found a fabulous condo in Michigan. Put a one year lease on it. YAY!
  • Nine days after lease is final got a call from a residency program in Oklahoma that was Kody's top choice and was offered a spot mid year.
  • Accepted Oklahoma spot.
  • Went to Disney World for a week.
  • Packed again.
  • House hunted in Edmond.
  • Found house in Edmond.
  • Closed on house in Edmond.
  • Moved again.
  • Kody started at new program.
  • Unpacked (and still unpacking) at new home.
  • Finally starting to feel like a real human being again....

I'm probably leaving some fun things out, but honestly, since March I don't really remember much. 2010 will go down as the year of pure crazy. In other news, I'm thinking of changing my blog name. I actually feel very grown up now, so I'm open to suggestions.

A few exciting things coming up in 2011:

  • My sister comes home from deployment.
  • My sister is moving to Germany.
  • I am going to visit my sister in Germany (eventually).
  • Garage gym will be completed. Oh my goodness it is so awesome. Pictures will come soon.
  • Do a sprint triathlon. I miss swimming.
  • House will be totally unpacked.
  • Not. Moving.
  • I might sneak to Dallas to see New Kids on the Block.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

...I moved to Michigan.

The beginning of a five year adventure called residency was to take place just north of Detroit. New home, new friends, new weather, new everything. Little did we know that our adventure to Michigan would be cut short...very short.

Yes everyone, we are coming back to Oklahoma.

You may begin laughing now. I could not make up my life.

Why should you laugh? Maybe because we found out we were coming back twelve days after all of our stuff arrived from Oklahoma, thirteen days after we put a year long lease on a really amazing condo and ten days after I finished unpacking the entire kitchen and dining room.

I get to pack again. I'm really looking forward to that.

However, I am thrilled beyond measure to come "home". Kody was offered an orthopedic residency spot a great program in Oklahoma City. This program was his number one choice during match. A spot opened and they called him. We spent a week going back on forth whether we were going to stay or go. Most of you might think coming home would be a no brainer, but in this was a big decision. The program in Michigan is amazing. We had both made some great friends and Kody proved himself to be a great resident. We were feeling settled. I was coaching a local CrossFit and loving every minute of it. Ultimately, we had always felt that this was God's plan for us and we were accepting and excited about it. We knew no matter what decision we made we would win. After about five different pros and cons lists, lots of talks and tears and questioning we decided to make the move. We changed our minds about ten times.

We are still starting over. We won't be in Tulsa where we moved from so it will still be new. We have a contract on a house and we close on November 30th! Kody started on Monday and I am still in Michigan packing. That sounds familiar, doesn't it? We are so excited to be near friends we haven't lived near in years.

By the way, this hardly ever happens. Spots rarely open up for interns in October. God's timing is a really funny thing!

Things I will miss about Michigan:
*The beautiful fall
*The incredible markets for produce (Kody made fun of me when I said I would miss this)
*My new CrossFit friends
*My new non CrossFit friends
*Our condo
*The ability to go ski anytime I want or visit Canada! I really wanted to do that...
*California Pizza Kitchen and Partridge Creek Mall
*Exploring a new palce

Things I'm excited about coming back to in Oklahoma:
*Somewhat milde winters
*Diet Dr Pepper in ALL stores
*OKC Thunder (I'm going to force us to go to games and become fans)
*My new house
*Not being told I have a funny accent
*Left hand turns (you cannot turn left in Michigan)
*Friends and Family

In other news, we did go to Disney! It was awesome and wonderful and I can't wait to go back. More on that later!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Worry...

I'm still alive. I made it to Michigan in one piece. Kody has been busy, but we are settling into a semi routine....I think. ER nights are always strange. I can't make myself go to bed a decent time when Kody isn't home. I have already watched 1 1/2 seasons of Friday Night Lights online via NetFlix in the evening. Good times.

I'm making friends, which is fabulous. I am really enjoying the CrossFit gym. Being there everyday makes things feel kind of normal. CrossFitters are the same wherever you go...awesome.

We have already been to California Pizza Kitchen three times. I know, it might be the new Red Robin. Someone stop us! Actually, last night we just went and had pre movie appetizers. They have the most fantastic avocado egg rolls! Kind of addicting and unfortunately not very healthy.

Bailey has made quite a few dog friends. She played with a collie named Alice today at our apartment. We have also been to the dog park twice. She is the cute new girl!

We are waiting to hear about a great townhouse that we want to rent in Sterling Heights. It is about ten minutes from the hospital. It is so cute and I want it! Rentals here a very expensive here. It is kind of blowing my mind. We also visited a nice church on Sunday, Utica Church of Christ. It was much smaller than I am used to, but the preacher was really good. We are going to go try out bible class this week and see how that goes.

So far so good. The weather is unbeatable right now. It feels like November in Oklahoma. I just hopes that sticks around longer than people are telling us it will! We miss everyone back home, but are really optimistic about our future here in Michigan.

Friday, August 27, 2010

"The Time Has Come" the Walrus Said...

To talk of many things....of dogs and boxes and packing tape...of Michigan and the Kings!

I'm a nerd.

It is time to make the move. I can't believe it. I'm actually going to Michigan. I don't really think it is real yet. My office is cleaned out and I have my list of stuff to make sure I get in the car. After so much anticipation and waiting Kody and I will finally be together again! Our little family reunited! Two months is a very long time to be away from anyone you love, but especially a spouse and a baby dog! I think Bailey might have a little doggy heart attack when she sees Kody this weekend.

Next time I check in it will be from up north. I'm excited to blog about all of our adventures. I see cross country skiing and ice fishing in my future!

Signing out from Oklahoma for stop Big Ten country.

I got a little choked up typing that...

Monday, August 23, 2010

It Finally Happened...

Our house is SOLD! Last Wednesday we had a showing about 6:45 in the evening. Bailey and I just decided to go for a walk during that time so we could spy on the visitors. They were there for over thirty minutes. Good sign. They had a little boy probably about a year and a half old. Precious. Thursday night they made an offer. Friday morning after countering twice we accepted. Saturday all the paper work was signed. We hope to close around September 22nd.

What does this mean for me? I'm finally making it up to Michigan! I'm so excited to be reunited with Kody. Honestly, the time table could not have worked out better, which I knew would be the case. Kody had a very busy first two months and while I don't think it is ever "better" for us to not be together, I am very glad he did not have to worry about me being alone in a new place while he was working. Now he feels more established, he has made friends, I will have friends, I have a job and I have miss Bailey. We have a lease on a one bedroom apartment until the end of September. We hope to find a rental home near the hospital we can be in by the end of the month! That is top priority when I get there.

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, sweet emails and phone calls during the last few months. It has been crazy, demanding, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. God continues to take care of us like He always does. We never doubted for a minute that He would not pave the path for us, we were just little anxious about the time line. :)

In other news, Kody and I are going here in October for a little R&R and celebration! We will be going to my cousin's wedding in Fort Myers after. A whole nine days in Florida. I will be in heaven!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

She sold today.

After twelve glorious years together, the little red Acura has found a new home. I know she will be loved and cared for. I can't believe this day has come. I never thought I would have a car so long, but I'm glad I did. We had a lot of good times:
  • Car dances
  • Drive-thru scavenger hunts
  • Car chases
  • Driving to the practices and games and swim meets...
  • Dates
  • Fights
  • Sing-a-longs
I know a car is just a car, but this car was with me during some pretty big times in my life. I wouldn't have wanted to do any of it with any other car. Good luck little red Acura! May you live long and prosper.

If you have a favorite memory of the little red Acura please share in the comments.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Favorite

I love this picture. It was taken of Kody and Bailey right before we headed out the door for graduation. Kody finishes his first month long rotation as an intern this Friday. It has gone really well. He is very happy and working very hard. I know he is exhausted, but that will just become the norm as a resident!


In other news, we had another showing last night. I think we have had about thirty showings yet no offers. The market here is really competitive right now. We get tons of great feedback, but no offers. I know it is coming soon. I feel it! My house is far too cute for someone not to buy! I'm going to miss it so much.

Monday, July 26, 2010

So Last Night...

...I was watching Kate and Leopold.

Great movie.

I hadn't seen it in ages. I found it at Best Buy yesterday in a great three movie pack along with two other favorites Serendipity and Raising Helen for $12.99. Oh the romantic comedy... how I adore you. I have really been missing my other half so of course I've been in sappy movie moods lately. Kind of fun!

Anyway, I had momentarily forgotten how much I love Hugh Jackman. There is no getting around it. The man can do it all. He can sing and dance and also kick some serious butt. He also plays royalty very well. I have a secret wish that when I arrive in Michigan Kody will have magically turned into a Duke from the 19th century with a fabulous accent. He will say things to me like, "Perhaps one day when you've awoken from a pleasant slumber to the scent of a warm brioche smothered in marmalade and fresh creamery butter, you'll understand that life is not solely composed of tasks, but tastes." No one says things like that anymore. Such a shame. You have to imagine the accent when you read it. It makes all the difference in the world. You should probably watch it immediately. I think we could all learn a thing or two from Leopold.

And lastly....

Here is my sweet Bailey. She misses her daddy, but still loves to smile!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Games

For those of you who still haven't discovered the gloriousness of CrossFit, this past weekend was the 2010 CrossFit Games. Yes, the Games I competed to qualify for at the end of May. The Games I came so close to making it to, but just missed that I wanted to cry (oh wait, I did...shocking). Anyway, CrossFit streamed the entire weekend live over the web with commentators. It was amazing. Most CrossFitters were glued to their iPhone or computer screen all weekend watching each second of The Games.

If you are curious about what the CrossFit Games look like, the Saturday and Sunday events are archived and can be watched back by the hour. Pretty cool! Go Here. In the bottom left hand corner you will see "Missed Something? View the archives below, organized by he hour" Pull the drop down menu and select your time!

It might be hard to grasp just how incredible these athletes are and how taxing what they are doing is on their bodies. The top competitors went through nine events in less than 48 hours. Our affiliate owner, Breck Berry, placed 21st overall for the men. Quite a showing! If nothing else, watching The Games is truly inspirational. Seeing competitors cheer on their peers after they have completed an event is something you don't see often in the athletic world, but it is something you see everyday in CrossFit whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner. The CrossFit community continues to grow and The Games will continue to get bigger and bigger. I'm excited to see where it all goes! Pick an hour and check it out. There are individual events, team events and masters events (50+).

Now we wait another year to do it all again...

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Few Wonderful Things About Today...

  • It's my birthday!
  • Baby WOW will more than likely be making his grand entrance into the world today.
  • My dear friend Lauren is celebrating five blissful years of marriage. She picked a good day!
  • The 2010 CrossFit Games are kicking off! Woo! Woo!
  • My sister is arriving in town.
  • I'm going to see Inception and I will probably eat some Twizzlers.
What a great day! Happy birthday to me! These came from Kody all the way from Michigan. Ok, well not directly from Michigan, but you know how it works.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Kidding...

I was in the middle of sending this text to Kody:

"Heading to Wal Mart. Do you need anything?"

Then I remembered we don't live in the same state right now. HA! Oh well, at least I was trying to be thoughtful. He will apprecaite that even though we have different zip codes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on The Oklahoma AND Michigan Kings!

What a crazy life we lead....

Michigan King Update:

Kody is now in the full swing of his intern year. His first month is general surgery and he is on orthopedics next month. He has a really great schedule, at least I think so. Maybe that is because he is on general surgery while I'm not there so if he is busy it doesn't really matter! He is making friends. Thank goodness! He is already spreading his love of the Rubix Cube. Kim, I'm sorry. He has met a third year general surgery resident who is also a Florida alum. Yes, we have befriended Gator fans in Michigan! If only you could see my radiant smile as I say that. I can't wait to wear my Florida gear around Big 10 country. Kody is happy and working hard, like he always does. I think he is adjusting to life very well. Other than getting used to doing his own laundry, I would say life is good up north.

Oklahoma King Update:

The house has still not sold. I'm getting a bit frustrated at this point. We dropped the price and that has increased traffic a lot. Unfortunately, our neighbors seem to be hindering the sale of our home. The four couples who have really liked that house said their only concern was our neighbors. They don't mow their yard very often and the siding is in serious need of a paint job. It just looks unkempt. I get it. If I was buying a home I would want to know the surrounding homes were going to be kept up well. I'm not sure what to do. We have mowed their yard before, but how do you have that conversation with someone you don't know well? Prayers on the situation are very appreciated. We need to sell. It has been two months now.

My mom is coming up on Saturday to help me pack up more stuff. I'm looking forward to spending time with her and getting a lot accomplished. She is a great helper. I'm very lucky to have her! I was also able to spend the last two weekend with my family and Robin! I haven't spent that much time with my sister in ages. We had a great time. We saw Eclipse, spent time with friends, worked out together, ran with Midori, watched a lot of TV.

Speaking of my sister, Kody and I are buying her car. We need an all wheel drive vehicle for the wonderful Michigan winters. My Acura, yes the one I have had since I was 16, isn't really a winter weather kind of car. It still runs great, but we just need something that will get Kody to the hospital no matter what the weather is like. Robin is leaving for her deployment in a week. She was planning to store her car and buying something new when she returned in February. When she realized we were going to buy something she offered to let us use her car during her deployment and then buy it. We don't have a lot of extra funds right now and we aren't going to take out a loan for a car. We are giving her the proceeds from the Acura as a down payment and then paying her over the course of her deployment in no interest payments. She is so incredibly generous. Her car would trade in for $13,000 and she is selling it for less than 50% of that! It is a 2005 Audi A4. Beautiful. I absolutely love her car. Kody and I are thrilled. The best part is she is driving from Tucson to Tulsa to drop it off. I get to take her to the airport because she is now leaving from Tulsa for her deployment. I think it will be special that I get to be the one to send her off. My parents will be cruising the Alaskan sea with my aunt and uncle at that time. We weren't invited. Whatever.

I haven't been much in the blogging mood lately. It is pretty hit or miss at this point. My updates may be infrequent until we get settled in Michigan. I promise to update as soon as something incredibly exciting our house sells!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Day

Today was Kody's first day of his internship. That is weird to say, type and think. Everything he has worked so hard for started today. This week is orientation. He will be going through certifications, HR paperwork, schedules, benefits, hospital tours, etc. The real fun begins on July 1st. He finds out tomorrow about his schedule. Intern years are pretty similar no matter the hospital or specialty. Most of them go through a month or so of some sort of internal medicine, ER, general surgery, family and a few others scattered here or there. Interns don't do much in their specialty until their 2nd year.

He texted me today and said, "My badge says Dr. King". I laughed a little bit. How amazing and strange all at the same time!

I'm praying hard that we will get an offer on our home soon. As sad as I am to leave our home, I am so excited to be with him in Michigan and start our new life. Bailey is ready too. She already misses her daddy.

In other news, I'm gearing up for my ten year high school reunion this weekend. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends before the big move. I know this will be the last time I will see a lot of these people for a very long time. I'm so blessed that I am still so close with so many of my wonderful friends from high school. I know I will stay close with them for years to come as well. Thanks world wide web and Al Gore.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Away from Home

I officially found us an apartment in Michigan until we buy a home. We totally lucked out. I know it is a God thing because I have been praying that all of this would work out and slowly, but surely it is. We didn't really look for a temporary home in Michigan while we were there last weekend. Partly because we didn't want to mess with it and partly because we were both in denial. However, Kody actually does need somewhere to live when he leaves next week. Imagine that. I spent a good portion of Sunday and yesterday calling apartment complexes. Most only have twelve month leases and most "pet" friendly apartments are occupied until August. Well, that simply would not work.

I found a place that I thought would work. It was a bit more money than I wanted to spend and they would only take a twelve month lease. We don't plan on staying in an apartment for twelve months (once our house sells we are buying). However, it was the best I could find. The downside is if we broke our lease we would have to pay a two months rent penalty. Ouch. It was a little further from the hospital than we wanted, but it was manageable. Oh yeah, and they did not have a microwave. Boo.

Kody was OK with it. It was the best we could find. However, I decided to try one more place and it was like magic! The lady was insanely nice. Turns out they had one unit in their "pet building" left and it was a one bed one bath...just like we wanted. Plus, they have a three month lease option! I know, this might sound silly to be excited about, but the timing on it is just perfect. Also, since Kody is a hospital employee now he gets all the upfront fees waved. Awesome. We are paying a little more per month for the short term lease, but we won't have to break the lease and mess with all that junk so in the long run it saves us quite a bit of money. Plus, this place is less than three miles from the hospital.

I'm so grateful Kody will have an actual place to live next week that will be his. No sharing with other residents or extended stay hotels. He'll have his own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Plus, Bailey will have lots of friends in the "pet building" when we get there in August! YAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Time is Near....

Two weeks. Kody has two weeks left in Tulsa until he heads up to Michigan for orientation. It is a very weird feeling. Last night we were getting into bed and he said, "I only have one more Tuesday night at the house before I leave." Strange! We were in Michigan this last week house hunting and getting to know the are better.

A few things I am really excited about:
* Cheeseburger in Paradise
* Partridge Creek Mall - yeah that's right, Ann Taylor Loft, Bebe, Banana Republic, Coach, Forever 21, H&M, J Crew....yes, be jealous of me. We strolled around one night and it was so much fun. They also have a really great cupcake place and a dog bakery. Heaven! They have a stage in the middle of the mall with live music during the summer too. We were rocking out.
* Lake St. Claire - it feels like the east coast. Ahhhh North Carolina. There is a beach, cute little restaurants on the water and lots and lots of boats.
* The lack of summer heat. OK, I know it is going to be "hot", but it will not be Oklahoma hot. It was in the high 70's and low 80's the entire time we were there. YAY!

So, in short, I have some things to look forward to and I have a really good attitude. We found a couple houses we like, but we still need to sell ours. We keep telling Bailey she is about to become a "Michigan dog" and she seems to be OK with that. What a trooper.

This weekend our CrossFit gym is having a going away party for us. I love them all so dearly. They have become our family. We did try out a CrossFit in Michigan and really liked it. The great thing about CrossFit is that no matter where you are the people are always friendly and welcoming. We really felt at home and I know that will be a wonderful place for us to build new friendships.

Next weekend my sister is driving from Tucson to Oklahoma. She is getting deployed in July to Kuwait. My parents are keeping her two cats for her during those six months. That should be very interesting. The timing is perfect because Kody and I will get to see her before he leaves and before she deploys. She is supposed to be back in January. I can't even begin to imagine what that is going to be like for her, but she is very excited. I'm so proud of my sister. She just became a Captain in the Air Force and I know she is amazing at what she does. I'm so thankful for her and all the others, like my brother in law Kasey, who decide to devote their lives to serving our great country. I don't believe they will ever get enough praise.

Oh yes, and in case you were curious, I finished seventh at the CrossFit South Central Regional over Memorial Day weekend. I wrote a recap of the event on my nutrition blog. You can go here to read all about it. I still don't feel like I have fully recovered, but it was a wonderfully horrible weekend. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Friday I will be heading to Fort Worth, Texas to compete in the South Central CrossFit Regional. Last year I placed 10th. I was third at our sectional in March and qualified for Regionals again. The top four women will qualify to compete in Los Angels in July at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

I've been training hard. It has consumed my thought for the last four months, which is nice because it has helped distract me from my inevitable move to Michigan! I have been through a lot during these last few months and I feel prepared. It is going to be a tough weekend, but I'm up for the challenge. If you want to learn a little bit more about what I will be doing this weekend you can go read this! It lists all four events I will be competing with a lot of other amazing female athletes. I'm looking forward to it!

Even though a lot of people don't know much about CrossFit, for those who do this is a really big deal. It is a real joy to compete again. It puts a smile on my face. There is something so rewarding about getting through a difficult workout and knowing you gave it 100% no matter the outcome. If you haven't tried CrossFit before I highly suggest you look into it. It is for EVERYONE, not just those who grew up playing sports or like to run. If you want to feel good about yourself and get into the best shape of your life try it out. You'll make some amazing friends in the process. Some of the people I consider my closest friends here in Tulsa I have met through CrossFit. I also know they will be my friends for life not matter where I go.

Let the games begin!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been absent for quite a long time! How horrible of me! These last few weeks have been insane as I am sure the next few will be as well. It is GRADUATION WEEK which means, yes, my darling husband will officially get his doctor title tomorrow evening! Tonight is the graduation banquet. I'm pretty excited. I'm busting out a dress from college that I have only worn once that I kindly refer to as my "Tinkerbell Dress". I love Tinkerbell. I haven't actually tried in on in a few years, but I'm sure it will fit, right? Yes, it is at least four years old, but I spent far too much money on it to not wear it again. I'm very excited!

Tomorrow friends and family will come watch Kody complete his medical school journey. Although he will never be finished with his education, this chapter in the story is coming to a close. It went by so fast yet felt like it took forever. I'll have lots of pictures and stories from graduation in the next few days. In the mean time, here is the announcement I made for our family. You can click on the picture to enlarge it so you can actually see it better!

What a crazy four years it has been. To think that Kody will start his residency in Michigan in five weeks. Wow. What a life change for us, but we are so excited and so confident in the plan God has for us. We have no doubt that this is where we should be and we are so grateful for what He has given to us!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am Iron Man

Today is a big day. A big, BIG day! Today is Kody's very last shift as a medical student! I honestly cannot believe it. Graduation is two weeks from tomorrow. After tonight (he is currently working nights in the ICU) he will be a free man until orientation starts up in Michigan on June 23rd.

What do you get for the boy who needs nothing but fun?

How about this?

Yes, I bought us tickets to the Iron Man 2 double feature! I should win the award for wife of the year (for many, many reasons), but honestly I'm just as excited as he is. We will see Iron Man at 9:30PM on May 6th followed by Iron Man 2 at 11:55PM. SCORE!

Yes, I will 100% worthless at work next Friday, but it will be worth it. It is the least I can do for the doctor. Check your local AMC theater to find out if they are running a double feature too! Most AMC's across the country are doing the same thing. Now I have to start planning my movie snacks...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What If...

Will Smith starred in the Matrix....

Tom Cruise starred in Footloose....

Take a look at this website to see the other "what could have been" movie posters featuring the stars originally tapped to play the main roles. Very interesting!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to....


This little princess is turning four years old today. Midori is my dad's pride and joy. She started off as Robin's college graduation gift. Unfortunately, Boxers aren't big fans of living in upstairs apartments in Arizona. She came to live with my parents when she was about five months old. When Robin comes home to visit she doesn't leave her side. It is precious.

If you are ever having a bad day, just knock on my parent's door and ask to see Midori. She will make you feel like the most important person in the world. Happy birthday Dori girl!


You can still donate to my efforts with the American Lung Association. YAY! Go here!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fight For Air Climb

On Saturday I will be climbing 50 flights of stairs at the BOK Tower in downtown Tulsa. I have to raise $100 to be able to do the climb. So far I have raised $10!!! Any amount helps. I hate asking for money, but this is for a great cause with the American Lung Association.

Here is a little ditty about the event:
The Tulsa Climb will raise funds and awareness to support education, research and advocacy programs so every Tulsan can breathe easier. Participants attend the Climb to support issues critical to family health - improving air quality, eliminating lung disease, and keeping kids tobacco free.

Here is more information about the climb

Here is my personal fund-raising page if you would like to make a donation!

Think about it, you give me money and then I have to go suffer by racing up 50 flights of stairs? That should put a smile on your face, right? I'm on a team with eight other people from my gym. It should be horribly wonderful! I don't get to climb if I don't raise the money so help me out! $1 or $ doesn't matter.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Working Weekend

This weekend was a blur. Work. Work. Work.

The goal is to have the house on the market the first week of April. At this rate, I think it might happen. Kodys' parents came up Saturday and we dominate our house. Dominated it! Kody and his dad cleaned out our entire garage and loaded up the street with trash and a dead tree. We got a notice from the city on how to dispose of large amounts of trash today. Apparently they don't like to haul off dead trees (cut nicely into movable pieces), twenty plus bags of trash, old fence posts with cement blocks, etc. Who knew?

Kody's mom and I tackled the hall bathroom. The day before Kody tore down the wallpaper, we textured it and then got it painted. It is beautiful! It looks ten times bigger and so much a good way. Love it! Why did we not do this four years ago? It makes me feel like I am at the beach. Very relaxing.

My mom came up yesterday and we started packing up the kitchen. We got five boxes of serving and baking dishes that I do not currently *have* to have in my house all packed. Glass is so annoying to pack. So much bubble wrap! Now I actually have cabinet space. My buffet in the breakfast nook looks cute and not cluttered. AMAZING. Kody started packing up electronics and books from the office. We were like a well oiled machine this weekend. Unstoppable.

Our garage now has boxes labeled, taped and placed in an orderly fashion against the wall. You could eat of my garage floor right now. It is spotless.

Oh yeah, and don't let me leave out the yard! My mom is the expert when it comes to making a yard look fantastic. I'm not just saying that because she is my mom. She is a pro! We raked, weeded, trimmed and worked miracles. All I need now is about three bags of mulch and some potted plants. Victory!

I'm feeling like the move thing may be manageable. A little bit at a time. One more week and this house will look like a show home. I have always loved our house. I'm really sad to leave it, but I know another family will love it like we may not ever experience awesome Florida game day parties like it has in the past. Watch out Michigan.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Fantasy...

Last night Kody and I were watching something on TV...not sure what...and a commercial for Atlantis in the Bahamas came on on the screen. They have water slides, dolphin coves, sunshine and more. I look at Kody and declare, "I want to go there!" Thank you advertising agency of Atlantis. Kody remarks, "Before residency starts??" with a huge grin on his face. Well, no silly. Of course not. That requires money and planning and you can't just decide to go on vacation and go one month later...right?


OK, so I'm not planning a spur of the moment trip to Atlantis because it is uber expensive and I have to buy a new house, move and find a new job in the next three months. However, I started thinking that a spur of the moment trip to NYC, Washington D.C. or Chicago might be in order for me and the Mr.! All I need to do is find a flight and hotel and then we can just tour the city for a couple days! I would love to go to any three of those places, just the two of us! Take in a few shows on Broadway or stroll through the Smithsonian in D.C. or even go to a Cubs game in Chi town!

I don't know know if this will happen, but when I put my mind to something it gets done. I'm pretty sure I can talk Kody into doing anything as long as it has the word "vacation" in it. If you had to pick, where would you go? NYC, Chicago, or D.C.?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The big weekend is finally here. This Saturday and Sunday I will be competing in the CrossFit South Central Sectional held here in Tulsa, OK. I will be competing in three grueling events against thirty nine other fit and fierce females from CrossFit affiliates in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. You may recall that last May I competed in the South Central CrossFit Regional in Fort Worth, Texas. I placed 10th.

This year, CrossFit has switched up the format a bit. Now you have to go to a sectional to qualify for the regional. The top thirty men and women from our sectional will compete in the South Central Regional May 29th-30th against the top thirty from a different sectional. The top four men and women from that regional go to the CrossFit Games held in Aromas, California in July. It is a dream of mine to make it to the games. I was so close last year. This year will not be any easier. There are more great competitors and the events will be tougher.

My shoulder injury in late October kept me out of training for about three months. I was devastated because I was making some huge strides in my strength and skills. Thankfully, I have bounced back fairly well and I have high hopes for myself this weekend.

My affiliate, CrossFit Jenks, is going to represent well. We have four females and fourteen males competing! We are ready to rock! The first event starts at 8AM this Saturday. There should be updates on the sectional site or the games site.

You can go here to see what I'll be doing in a couple of the events!

So excited....

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With...


I completely despise cleaning. I put it off and put it off until I just can't take it anymore and then you can't stop me from cleaning. Kody and I had a really busy weekend as usual, but we managed to get a lot done that needed to be done.

Here is a brief list of our successes:
  • All rose bushes trimmed and pretty.
  • Removed massive tree/weed that has been growing along the fence since we moved in.
  • Removed our fun outdoor gazebo that fell down and broke in the last snow/ice storm.
  • Five+ loads of laundry. Apparently there are not washers and dryers in Lawton. That was saved for me. :)
  • Put five+ loads of laundry away.
  • Vacuumed for the first time in...ohhhh....I'm not going to admit it, but it is pretty bad...
  • Cleared kitchen counter and table of piles of mail/junk. How does this stuff accumulate so fast? I swear it grows over night.
  • Removed two bags of clothing and shoes from Kody's closet to give to Good Will. Yay!
  • Mopped kitchen floor. Hallelujah!
  • Load of dishes cleaned and put away.
  • Six big bags of yard and house trash at the curb for Monday morning trash pick up. Watch out for the bags with the thorny rose bush trimmings...sorry!
A couple wonderful things about all the above. First, it was a total team effort. Kody was ready to knock it out and we got so much more done than I thought we would. Second, the house is almost in good enough shape to get on the market! We just need to do some touch up painting in a few areas and start pre-packing so the closets look extremely spacious. Oh yeah, and haul off a dead tree that fell over in the front yard. It was very sad. I love that tree.

We rewarded ourselves by watching Funny People. It isn't as "funny" as I thought it would be, but it was definitely a good flick. The back of my arms and shins look like the rose bushes attacked me....OK they actually did attack me. Who knew those things could be so vicious?? Bailey had a great time hanging outside with us in the awesome weather and chatting with the neighbor dogs. She also did some sunbathing.

I feel like a new woman. I can't wait to enjoy another evening with my husband in a nice, clean home. I'm going to miss this house when we leave.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Good News

After ten long months of not living together, I officially live with my husband again... FULL TIME! He is not just back for a weekend, a week or a month, but forever and ever.

Kody has been gone since May 1, 2009. Since then he was at home during July, but studying for boards and in December on a vacation month. Even though he "was home" in December, he wasn't really home. We were on vacation and traveling visiting family for the holidays. I'm looking forward to actually having him home, eating dinner together and just doing the things we love to do...together!

I have to be hasn't been as easy as I made it out to be. I put up a good front, but I really missed him. Yes, I survived and I survived quite well, but being away from each other for eight months out of ten is not particularly the best thing for any marriage. Thankfully we came out of it strong. I will also admit that I became very protective of the time we did get to spend together. I know everyone missed Kody, but I hated to share my weekends with others. It sounds SO selfish...I know. I'm embarrassed to even write that! I just wanted quality time with my husband. I didn't want to share all of our time with family and friends, but I also know that family and friends are very important to both of us and someday very, very soon we will not be as close to the people we love. I'm a work in progress people! I'm very blessed that Kody understands and listens to me, but can also help me see the big picture. I get wrapped up in our little world sometimes...of course, sometimes that can be a good thing! If any of you ever felt snubbed by either of us....I apologize.

Sunday we took Bailey to the dog park which was so much fun. We also went on A DATE! I know, deep breaths...I went on a date with my husband. We got invited to a premier night for a new Italian restaurant called Piatto. It was wonderfully delicious and we had a great time. Thanks goodness graduation is almost here. I know residency will be busy and we may not have as much time together as we are used to having...but at least we'll be in the same city! WOO HOO

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Know Where I Stand

Kody's best friend had a birthday on Wednesday. Clayton and Kody have been best friends forever. They grew up together, they were roommates in college together and they have been able to keep the friendship alive after college. Way to go boys. Tonight Kody is driving to Edmond from Lawton to celebrate Clayton's day of birth with dinner, ping pong and a possible movie.

Now I'm going to take a bit of a detour in this story....

I LOVE scary movies. I really love all movies. I get really excited about them when I see the first preview and I wait in great anticipation for their release date. I have been really excited about Shutter Island. It looks fantastic. Kody has simply refused to see it with me. I have yet for him to truly sacrifice and see a scary movie with me. I beg. I plead. I cry (in my heart). I end up having to rent them and watch them alone. It is a very sad life I lead. Let me also say, when I get what he would consider a "scary" movie (think of thrillers like Fracture) he ends up loving them.

Today I get a phone call from Kody. Here is how the conversation when down:

Kody: "I wanted to let you know that I think we might go see Shutter Island tonight for Clayton's birthday."
Me: "That's funny, I asked you to see it with me and you said no because it was a scary movie!"
Kody: "I know, but this is for his birthday."
Me: "Alright, well for my birthday this year I am going to ask you to see something insanely terrifying...since it will be my birthday."
Kody: "That is mean."
Me: "But it will be for my birthday."
Kody: silent pause
Me: "If I asked you to go see Shutter Island with me tonight would you say yes?"
Kody: "No."
Me: "If Clayton asked you to see it with him immediately after I asked you would you say yes?"
Kody: "Yes."

I am totally feeling the love.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smell Like a Man, Man

Have you seen the new Old Spics commercials for their "Smell Like a Man, Man" campaign? I love this guy. I love these spots. This is the first ad campaign that has really caught my attention and made me laugh in a very long time. Keep 'em coming Old Spice!

Look at Your Man, Now Look at Me

Did You Know?

I want to learn the dialogue for the first one.

Go to the Old Spice website to check out his smoking jacket spot. So funny...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And We're Going To...


I know, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is the first thing that comes to mind, right? Seriously, five years of lake effects weather....I can totally handle it!

Match day turned out exactly as we expected and planned for. Luckily, Kody's preceptor in Lawton let him have the day off so we could figure things out if they didn't go in...we match in Tulsa. We didn't match in Tulsa. Yes, we were sad. We would love to stay. However, we were mentally prepared. We knew this meant we would be heading to Mount Clemens, Michigan.

MC was one of Kody's favorite rotations. He loved the hospital, loved the residents and it had his favorite cafeteria of all the hospitals he has been to. Very important! The area is really nice. Yes, it is a Detroit suburb, but don't worry, it is a perfectly safe little area. Lots of Super Targets around! If I can have a Super Target and a CrossFit gym I will be a happy girl. I've already started researching the CrossFit gyms in the area and it looks like there is a good one close by. Whew!

We'll be there for five years. After our five years in Michigan, Kody has committed to practice in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. They will help pay back medical school loans and it will give us a very good lifestyle/family life. We really couldn't ask for much more. We think we'll be able to live in Broken Arrow and Kody will be able to commute back and forth. I know the next five years will fly by. It will be an adventure. We are sad to leave our family and friends, but we know no matter where we are that our family and friends will always love us! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Five years and we'll be home!

A Few Things I Need to Accept Before I Move:
  • I have to live in Big Ten country.
  • There is only one Chick-Fil-A in all of a student union far, far away. OH how I will miss your chicken-y goodness.
  • Cold. I'm going to be cold...a lot.
  • Red Acura will have to be replaced. All wheel drive vehicle here we come!
  • Bailey will never come inside again. She will just want to stay in the snow and play. My dog will abandon me.
  • Kody is going to be a doctor. Seriously? This one might be the biggest shock.
  • I finally move somewhere with a NFL team and it is the Detroit Lions...who are 2-30 over the last two years. At least they are in the NFC North with the Vikings. I can go cheer on the purple.
  • Bailey won't get to visit Midori and Honey as much. I think Midori might go into a depression.
  • The homes in Michigan just look weird. I'm sorry, they do.
  • I have to find a new job. I really like my job.
  • I might have to see Eclipse by myself. It comes out June 30th and Kody starts July 1. AHHHH!
We are really excited. I can't believe how well we both reacted. I kept praying for peace before match day and that is exactly what God gave us. We were and are at total peace with everything.

I'll leave you with parting words from the great Rolling Stones:
"No, you can't always get what you want, You can't always get what you want, You can't always get what you want, And if you try sometime you find, You get what you need."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Mind is Elsewhere

I may be kind of absent from blogging for the next week or so...not that I have been incredible about keep it up lately anyway! Monday is match day, the BIG day. This is the day you start hearing about from your first day of medical school. It is kind of a big mystery at first and then you hear the horror stories about not matching, matching somewhere you didn't really want to match or think you would match, scrambling, changing specialties, etc. Of course, it always works out. I know that. I have heard the bad turn into good.

Match day kind of determines the rest of your life. We find out where we will be for residency and basically what Kody will do with the rest of his life. It is a really big deal.

Kody is calm. I am calm. However, I think it is a freaking out calm. I think we are both just not sure it is actually happening so soon. The worst part is we won't be together on Monday. I always thought I would take that day off from work. I would have "command central" set up in case he didn't match. I would have all the phone numbers laid out ready to go so we can start calling open programs. He would man the phones and I would be in charge of email. If a program called I could look it up immediately so we didn't have to call back and possibly lose a spot. I have heard stories of programs calling to offer unmatched students a spot. The student takes some time to check out the program site, calls back and the spot is filled. YIKES! I don't get to set up command central now. Kody will be in Lawton. He'll be all alone. I can't help him. The thought of that alone is terrifying.

I would be so awesome in command central.

I know this is all worst case scenario talk. Hopefully he'll match and all will be dandy. He'll call me Monday morning and say, "I matched .....!" We are also realistic. Over 50% of students who want orthopedics don't match. It is very competitive. A lot of crazy stuff can happen. We have had a lot of things not work out the way we wanted them to work out. We have also had a few good surprises. I'm not sure what God has in store for us Monday morning. I know what I am hoping for. I know what Kody is hoping for. I am praying that God will give us this one thing. Give us the easy road one time. Just once! We have clawed our way through school, rotations, boards, into programs that we didn't think would give him a shot and now I just want God to say, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I have great friends who listen to me yap about this and will love me wherever I live. I was telling Angela this morning how I think match day is probably a lot like finding out you are pregnant. You know it is going to happen sometime. One day it does and you go from knowing your life as one thing to moments later knowing it will never be the same. Crazy.

Oddly enough, I don't really like talking about it all that much. I'm kind of sick of talking about the whole thing in general. I do, however, like to blog about it. Uninterrupted venting! It is what it is. We either match or we don't. We make the most of it and be happy. That is the simple truth. Tulsa, Michigan, Ohio or some unknown. At least we'll be together...and with Bailey.

I need one more weekend with Kody before our fate is sealed. I need time with him to make sure we are good, calm, ready....kind of a like a pregame pep talk. I know he wants us to be together when he finds out. I know that can't happen. might have to make an emergency road trip to Tulsa...mambas in hand if have a nervous breakdown....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear "Ice Storm"

I don't believe in you. You can take all your power outage hoopla and well, yes, shove it.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday...

Bubble Wrap! Today bubble wrap turns 50. Can you believe it? Today has been dubbed Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Grab some bubbles and start popping. If you don't have any on hand, then go here for a virtual, but equally satisfying experience.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I know I just posted about graduation last week, but I'm just so flippin excited. I'm planning a post graduation party for Kody. Right now I am trying to nail down a venue. I'm looking for something close to the venue and I have a few places in mind. I'm also trying to figure out how much family is coming so I can block off rooms at a nearby hotel. It just all seems so crazy. I get to plan a medical school graduation party! I already know exactly what kind of cake I am getting and it is going to be a complete surprise to everyone...except maybe my mom who I just can't keep a secret from. Plus, I want to get her input because she is a super smart lady.

I'm hoping and praying Robin will be able to make it. She already told me she is not coming unless she gets an official graduation announcement. What a nerd. I think she would enjoy seeing Kody become an official doctor! I plan on forcing her to refer to him as Dr. King the remainder of the evening just for fun.

I also need to go dress shopping....

You might think graduating from medical school is all about the graduate, but you are wrong. It is really all about the spouse. Sure, he's the one that is smart and is going to fix people for a living and "worked really hard for four years"....


Let's remember I am the one who had to endure four years of conversations where every other word was some medical term I did not understand, live alone and maintain a household while he was on away rotations for nine months, spend the first two years quizzing him for tests and again not being able to pronounce a single word (ego crushed), organized his rotations while he was on the road...

OK, I'm totally kidding about graduation being about me, I did all those things because I wanted to and I have always been completely supportive of Kody's dream. Graduation is such a wonderful accomplishment for both of us. I simply cannot wait to celebrate all the hard work Kody has put in and what a wonderful physician he is going to be. We have done a great job together!

Now we await match day....seventeen days.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As I am sure you all recall, I am very excited about the upcoming release Tim Burton's of Alice In Wonderland starring the fabulously wonderful Mr. Depp. Now blogs all over the blogosphere are reporting some pretty amazing news. Burton is talking about bringing another Disney classic to life...Sleeping Beauty. First of all, I love sleeping beauty. Maleficent is just the evilest of the evil and I always love the villains. I know, I'm sick. Last time I was at Disney I discovered this amazing Disney villains poster. I wanted it...bad. Kody and I sat there forever naming all the glorious Disney villains.


Here is the best news about this possible project, it is going to revolve around...Maleficent! I know, too cool right? I'm almost too excited to even type. So who should play Maleficent? Obviously Helena Bonham Carter came to mind...even before I read this article. What about the fairy godmothers? I could see Jeremy Irons as King Stefan. He's very regal. Lots to ponder. I can't wait to hear more on this. I wonder how Johnny would fit in....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Weekend Ever

Why you ask? Because my house got CLEAN! I don't just mean laundry, vacuumed, swiffer wet jet clean...I mean four trash bags out of the office, paper put in files and drawers, I can walk in and out of the office without tripping clean. WOOHOO. We spent five hours organizing it Sunday evening. The rest of the house did get clean via vacuum, swiffer wet jet and laundry. It also smells like an ocean breeze. I'm just so happy. I want to stare at it and soak it all in because I'm not sure how long it will last.

Kody came home for the weekend from Lawton. We had a great time. We did a lot of relaxing, a lot of playing and a lot of work. Saturday night we went to Dave and Busters with our newly engaged friends Stephen and Abbie. (yay!) I would like everyone to know that I owned the quick shot basketball game. I scored 61 points. Yes, 61. It is a new PR. I'm no basketball player, but I had some mad skills showing up that night. I pretty much rocked it.

Sunday I cheered on the Vikings as they fought the Cowboys. I never watch the NFL. I just don't like it as much as college. Earlier this year I decided I would kind of keep up with Minnesota since Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson play with them. This was only the second full game I have watched all season so I can hardly call myself a true fan, but I was very happy to see "the purple" become victorious. Kody's family are big Dallas Cowboys fans. Kody doesn't really care that much, although, he couldn't cheer against the Cowboys. He laughed at me dancing around the house singing, "Go purple, go purple, go purple". We had fun. And in all seriousness, Brett Farve was amazing. I mean, the guy is forty years old and is still a stud. It was fun to watch.

We took Bailey to the playground Sunday afternoon. Some people take their children to the playground, but I take my dog. No one was there so she had all the big toys to herself. She runs up the steps, across the bridge and goes down the slide on her own. She is one brave girl. She also loves the sand. Sand makes Bailey crazy. She starts spinning and digging and jumping up and down. We had a blast. That little dog was so worn out when we got home. It was precious.

Oh yes, and the most important part of the weekend....Saturday was my half birthday! My mom got me a super cute, very mini crock pot which I used to make some little smokies on Sunday for football viewing. I love half birthdays...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yup, four months from today folks Kody will officially be a doctor. HAHAHAHA It is just so strange. I cant' get over it. I'm not laughing to myself because I actually think it is funny, it is just....strange. I have known Kody since he was a freshman in college. I have seen him obsess over intramurals and Spring Sing. I have watched him study for the MCAT. He used to have to drop me off at my apartment in the parking lot because boys weren't allowed near the doors. Now this boy who I grew to love, marry and support 1,000% is going to be doctor in four months. Amazing. Time is such a weird thing.

I'm ordering actual OSU announcements for family so everyone can have the official one as a keepsake. I'm so sweet aren't I? However, I plan on doing a super fun announcement for friends myself via Shutterfly. Do you remember how expensive graduation stuff is? Sheesh. It never occurred to me we would ever purchase a cap and gown again.

I wonder if they are going to pull a graduation prank? I recommend lots of pink chalk and balloons.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Really Sad For...


NBC Hates Conan

I love Conan. I know he doesn't want sympathy, but I would like to give it to him anyway. He is on my list of "Celebrities I Am Strangely Attracted To". Maybe it is the hair...

On a positive note, American Idol premiers tonight. This is Simon's last season premier on the show. So sad. He will be missed. I'm sure he'll go out in a blaze of glory. I hope they bring Adam back during a results show. I don't care what anyone thinks about him either. I think he makes the list too...regardless of his sexual orientation. He can sing, enough said.

Kody knows. It is OK.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Because It Feels Like It Should be a Random Post Day...

I don't feel like being too witty, or trying to be witty and failing, so here is a list of random things I would write more in length about if I had the energy!
  • Pete Carroll is leaving USC. Take that Mark May. Who are you going to worship on Saturday's now?
  • My super awesome winter boots came in the mail Thursday evening. They might be my favorite online purchase EVER. Yes, I do look adorable in them.
  • Kody's rank list for match has been finalized and submitted. No, it wasn't dramatic picking the order, but the fact that it has been submitted and now we just wait is kind of crazy.
  • Bailey came to work with me on Friday. More to come on that later. I have pictures to prove it. Office mascot.
  • Kody is in Lawton for the next two months.
  • My shoulder is about 93% healed!!!! This is AMAZING news. Now I can get back into training for sectionals! They are in should all come cheer for me!
  • My sister got a surprise visitor at midnight last night! Matt knocked on her door at 12AM She thought he was still overseas. So flippin a movie. He had to jump a fence and everything. ::sigh::
  • I started taking Fish Oil.
  • My cousin Jennifer is awesome. I failed to mention how she got me hooked on Sweet Valley High. We used to play the board game together whenever I would visit. I liked to be Lila. It was fun to be a snob.
  • I really want to go skiing and take my new boots and Jennifer. I need some mountain air.
  • I am halfway through The Lovely Bones. Pretty good.

I discovered a new TV show. I'm in love. Make It or Break It. Don't judge me. It is awesome. I heart gymnastics. Thanks ABC Family.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Do I Need to Bribe?

Forgive me if I sound like I don't care what is going on in the world, but seriously Mr. President? I'm sure your State of the Union Address will be riveting...err...something like that. However, I do not believe that February 2, 2010 is the proper date. You guys have known about the LOST premier for months. We all have! OK, I'm sure the president himself is not going to make this decision, so to the white house staffers I beg of you....pick January 26th.

The White House Hates LOST and LOST fans

Sawyer and Jack will not be happy about this. I don't care what Kate thinks, but I'm sure she would be upset too.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Say Hello To Your Friends...

...Babysitters Club! Say hello to the people who care...

I hope I'm not the only one who 1. Knows that song. 2. Read the books AND watched the TV show and 3. Was super excited to read about this yesterday.

Along with Sweet Valley High, The Babysitters Club book series was a favorite of mine growing up. I always wanted to live in the fictional Stoneybrook, Connecticut. It always sounded so cute and the girls were such great friends. Very touching. Dawn and Claudia were always my favorites. I can't remember why, but I always liked their stories the best.

There is another little blast from the past for you. I wonder if I would still like those books today...

Monday, January 4, 2010


So far in 2010 we have had a broken garage door that cost $215 to fix and a stomach virus for Kody. He was supposed to start a two month rotation in Lawton this morning, but is still at home sick. Thankfully, Bailey is at home taking care of him. I hope he shakes this thing soon because he is miserable.

Match is five weeks from today. Five weeks. Thirty five days. Five weeks ago it was Thanksgiving. That feels like yesterday. Match is sure sneaking up on us. I like to say I'm not nervous about it, but I would be lying. I am at peace about it, but still nervous. You can be at peace and nervous at the same time, right? I think you can, so my answer is yes.

We spent our New Year's Eve in sweats watching movies together. I wouldn't have had it any other way. We watched Up, which made us both tearful wrecks, and TWILIGHT. Now Kody wants to see New Moon. Welcome to the dark side my love.