Monday, March 1, 2010

Good News

After ten long months of not living together, I officially live with my husband again... FULL TIME! He is not just back for a weekend, a week or a month, but forever and ever.

Kody has been gone since May 1, 2009. Since then he was at home during July, but studying for boards and in December on a vacation month. Even though he "was home" in December, he wasn't really home. We were on vacation and traveling visiting family for the holidays. I'm looking forward to actually having him home, eating dinner together and just doing the things we love to do...together!

I have to be hasn't been as easy as I made it out to be. I put up a good front, but I really missed him. Yes, I survived and I survived quite well, but being away from each other for eight months out of ten is not particularly the best thing for any marriage. Thankfully we came out of it strong. I will also admit that I became very protective of the time we did get to spend together. I know everyone missed Kody, but I hated to share my weekends with others. It sounds SO selfish...I know. I'm embarrassed to even write that! I just wanted quality time with my husband. I didn't want to share all of our time with family and friends, but I also know that family and friends are very important to both of us and someday very, very soon we will not be as close to the people we love. I'm a work in progress people! I'm very blessed that Kody understands and listens to me, but can also help me see the big picture. I get wrapped up in our little world sometimes...of course, sometimes that can be a good thing! If any of you ever felt snubbed by either of us....I apologize.

Sunday we took Bailey to the dog park which was so much fun. We also went on A DATE! I know, deep breaths...I went on a date with my husband. We got invited to a premier night for a new Italian restaurant called Piatto. It was wonderfully delicious and we had a great time. Thanks goodness graduation is almost here. I know residency will be busy and we may not have as much time together as we are used to having...but at least we'll be in the same city! WOO HOO


Trisha said...

Kyle and I are very protective of our time together too. Unless people have been through it, they don't really get the value of it. :)

Robertson's said...

You have to be protective in this journey. Glad you are back together!

Michelle said...

I hear you! I went to the grocery store when we moved down to Pittsburg and had to add things to my list for Jeremy, I was like oh yeah, I need this and this....I got used to not buying things that he likes. It's almost a little weird to all be in the same house again! But I too love it!