Monday, March 29, 2010

Working Weekend

This weekend was a blur. Work. Work. Work.

The goal is to have the house on the market the first week of April. At this rate, I think it might happen. Kodys' parents came up Saturday and we dominate our house. Dominated it! Kody and his dad cleaned out our entire garage and loaded up the street with trash and a dead tree. We got a notice from the city on how to dispose of large amounts of trash today. Apparently they don't like to haul off dead trees (cut nicely into movable pieces), twenty plus bags of trash, old fence posts with cement blocks, etc. Who knew?

Kody's mom and I tackled the hall bathroom. The day before Kody tore down the wallpaper, we textured it and then got it painted. It is beautiful! It looks ten times bigger and so much a good way. Love it! Why did we not do this four years ago? It makes me feel like I am at the beach. Very relaxing.

My mom came up yesterday and we started packing up the kitchen. We got five boxes of serving and baking dishes that I do not currently *have* to have in my house all packed. Glass is so annoying to pack. So much bubble wrap! Now I actually have cabinet space. My buffet in the breakfast nook looks cute and not cluttered. AMAZING. Kody started packing up electronics and books from the office. We were like a well oiled machine this weekend. Unstoppable.

Our garage now has boxes labeled, taped and placed in an orderly fashion against the wall. You could eat of my garage floor right now. It is spotless.

Oh yeah, and don't let me leave out the yard! My mom is the expert when it comes to making a yard look fantastic. I'm not just saying that because she is my mom. She is a pro! We raked, weeded, trimmed and worked miracles. All I need now is about three bags of mulch and some potted plants. Victory!

I'm feeling like the move thing may be manageable. A little bit at a time. One more week and this house will look like a show home. I have always loved our house. I'm really sad to leave it, but I know another family will love it like we may not ever experience awesome Florida game day parties like it has in the past. Watch out Michigan.


Trisha said...

WOw! That is awesome! Isn't it great having such wonderful parents?!?

Robertson's said...

Reminds me of our journey a year ago! Good luck!