Monday, April 12, 2010

Fight For Air Climb

On Saturday I will be climbing 50 flights of stairs at the BOK Tower in downtown Tulsa. I have to raise $100 to be able to do the climb. So far I have raised $10!!! Any amount helps. I hate asking for money, but this is for a great cause with the American Lung Association.

Here is a little ditty about the event:
The Tulsa Climb will raise funds and awareness to support education, research and advocacy programs so every Tulsan can breathe easier. Participants attend the Climb to support issues critical to family health - improving air quality, eliminating lung disease, and keeping kids tobacco free.

Here is more information about the climb

Here is my personal fund-raising page if you would like to make a donation!

Think about it, you give me money and then I have to go suffer by racing up 50 flights of stairs? That should put a smile on your face, right? I'm on a team with eight other people from my gym. It should be horribly wonderful! I don't get to climb if I don't raise the money so help me out! $1 or $ doesn't matter.

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