Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

...I moved to Michigan.

The beginning of a five year adventure called residency was to take place just north of Detroit. New home, new friends, new weather, new everything. Little did we know that our adventure to Michigan would be cut short...very short.

Yes everyone, we are coming back to Oklahoma.

You may begin laughing now. I could not make up my life.

Why should you laugh? Maybe because we found out we were coming back twelve days after all of our stuff arrived from Oklahoma, thirteen days after we put a year long lease on a really amazing condo and ten days after I finished unpacking the entire kitchen and dining room.

I get to pack again. I'm really looking forward to that.

However, I am thrilled beyond measure to come "home". Kody was offered an orthopedic residency spot a great program in Oklahoma City. This program was his number one choice during match. A spot opened and they called him. We spent a week going back on forth whether we were going to stay or go. Most of you might think coming home would be a no brainer, but in this was a big decision. The program in Michigan is amazing. We had both made some great friends and Kody proved himself to be a great resident. We were feeling settled. I was coaching a local CrossFit and loving every minute of it. Ultimately, we had always felt that this was God's plan for us and we were accepting and excited about it. We knew no matter what decision we made we would win. After about five different pros and cons lists, lots of talks and tears and questioning we decided to make the move. We changed our minds about ten times.

We are still starting over. We won't be in Tulsa where we moved from so it will still be new. We have a contract on a house and we close on November 30th! Kody started on Monday and I am still in Michigan packing. That sounds familiar, doesn't it? We are so excited to be near friends we haven't lived near in years.

By the way, this hardly ever happens. Spots rarely open up for interns in October. God's timing is a really funny thing!

Things I will miss about Michigan:
*The beautiful fall
*The incredible markets for produce (Kody made fun of me when I said I would miss this)
*My new CrossFit friends
*My new non CrossFit friends
*Our condo
*The ability to go ski anytime I want or visit Canada! I really wanted to do that...
*California Pizza Kitchen and Partridge Creek Mall
*Exploring a new palce

Things I'm excited about coming back to in Oklahoma:
*Somewhat milde winters
*Diet Dr Pepper in ALL stores
*OKC Thunder (I'm going to force us to go to games and become fans)
*My new house
*Not being told I have a funny accent
*Left hand turns (you cannot turn left in Michigan)
*Friends and Family

In other news, we did go to Disney! It was awesome and wonderful and I can't wait to go back. More on that later!