Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Showers Bring Wedding Bells!

I love the sound of thunder in the middle of the afternoon. It calms me. It sounds odd saying that thunder calms me, but it really does. I love our building during the spring. Our entire building is windows so I get to see all the action when storms come through. Pretty great if you are a weather freak like me.

This week is going to be exciting because Brooke is getting married on Saturday! I am traveling to Edmond Wednesday afternoon for a final dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress. It is beautiful. I would expect nothing less from Brooke! I'm trying to get in some serious workouts this week so I can still fit into the dress. I get paranoid since I don't physically have the dress and can't make sure it fits right now. Anyway, I'm so excited for Brooke and the wedding. It's going to be fabulous.

In other news, I became CPR certified last week. If you ever go into cardiac arrest or just need a little help breathing I'm your girl! Also, Tennessee lost so my bracket is shot. No worries though, I'm still leading the Lucky 13 pool at work. There is still hope!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Spring!

I've become so bad about updating and I have decided that is OK because I don't think that many people are suffering from my lack of posting. Kody and I got back from skiing with my parents last week. We went to Winter Park and had a blast. One of my dad's residents was there on vacation with his family so we spent an afternoon skiing with him. It was great for Kody to get to talk to him about resident life and all that good stuff. We celebrated my mom's birthday. I'm sure skiing was just what she dreamed she would be doing on her birthday! She is getting so much better every trip. I'm very proud of her. I believe Kody, my dad, and I conquered the mountain. There is no mountain that can tame us! I can't wait to go next year, but we are going to have to see what Kody's schedule is like since he'll technically be out of classes by then. Crazy.

Tuesday night I was officially named next year's OSU SAA president. I love being the president of things. I think that is my true calling in life. Anyway, I'm really excited about it because it keeps me involved and helps me meet a lot of new people. I really hope I am not taking on too much. I'm also currently interning with the League of Women Voters and I have be toying with the idea of taking some nutrition/science classes at the community college here in Tulsa. I know, I'm ridiculous. I love school and I love learning. My dream is to someday be able to be a trainer in some form. I think it would be great when we have kids so I can "stay home", but also continue to work and be involved in something I'm passionate about. Anyway, that is my new idea. Who knows if I'll follow through on it. I also decided a year ago that I was going to go to culinary school. That obviously hasn't happened, but I guess never say never!

In other news, tonight is a BIG night for my bracket. I have the potential to get seven of the eight Elite Eight teams correct. I still have all my final four and championship game teams in as well. I could win some big money at work...not that I like to gamble or anything. hehe I really just enjoy winning and if that means that I have to accept a prize in monetary form then so be it! If Tennessee loses, however, please don't talk to me.

Today is by far the most beautiful day of the year. I'm leaving work to go play outside with Bailey. I hope everyone has a splendid day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone is Always Watching...

Today during lunch I worked out in the gym in the basement of our building. This is nothing new, I generally do that a couple times a week. It usually happens when I am too lazy to get up at a decent hour to get it out of the way in the morning. Today was one of those days. Oops. :) Anyway, I finished changing and was heading to the elevators to head back to the office. A man walked out of the men's locker room, but didn't see me. No big deal...I just followed him around the corner back to the elevators. He was dressed in gym clothes and obviously just about to start his work out. All the sudden, he takes his left hand and shoves it down the back of his pants and starts scratching away. I was so embarrassed because I hit the elevator button and it "dinged" and he saw me. I turned around quickly to play it off like I didn't just witness him scratching himself while walking down the hall. I wonder what I have done when I thought no one was around? That scares me a little. Just remember, someone is always watching so don't shove your hands down your pants without making sure it is all clear first!

I can't believe it is March already. That means it is almost time for summer which means I can start getting semi excited about Christmas. WOOHOO!