Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Showers Bring Wedding Bells!

I love the sound of thunder in the middle of the afternoon. It calms me. It sounds odd saying that thunder calms me, but it really does. I love our building during the spring. Our entire building is windows so I get to see all the action when storms come through. Pretty great if you are a weather freak like me.

This week is going to be exciting because Brooke is getting married on Saturday! I am traveling to Edmond Wednesday afternoon for a final dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress. It is beautiful. I would expect nothing less from Brooke! I'm trying to get in some serious workouts this week so I can still fit into the dress. I get paranoid since I don't physically have the dress and can't make sure it fits right now. Anyway, I'm so excited for Brooke and the wedding. It's going to be fabulous.

In other news, I became CPR certified last week. If you ever go into cardiac arrest or just need a little help breathing I'm your girl! Also, Tennessee lost so my bracket is shot. No worries though, I'm still leading the Lucky 13 pool at work. There is still hope!

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