Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here We Go...

Alright, I'm giving blogging another whirl. I needed a break...a long one. I didn't feel like I had much to say and I have been pretty consumed with life. We sure have been busy! To bring you up to speed on our wonderful world here is a quick recap of 2010:
  • Kody accepted a residency position in Michigan in February.
  • Got our home ready for sale.
  • I competed in the CrossFit sectional and regional. Fun.
  • Kody graduated from medical school. HOORAY!
  • Kody left for Michigan in June.
  • I stayed behind until our house sold.
  • House sold.
  • I went to Michigan the end of August.
  • Lived in a one bedroom apartment for a month and slept on an air mattress. Good times.
  • Started coaching at our Michigan CrossFit gym, CrossFit Transformation. Loved it.
  • Searched for a permanent Michigan residence.
  • Started making great Michigan friends.
  • Kody in the meantime loving his hospital and fellow interns!
  • Found a fabulous condo in Michigan. Put a one year lease on it. YAY!
  • Nine days after lease is final got a call from a residency program in Oklahoma that was Kody's top choice and was offered a spot mid year.
  • Accepted Oklahoma spot.
  • Went to Disney World for a week.
  • Packed again.
  • House hunted in Edmond.
  • Found house in Edmond.
  • Closed on house in Edmond.
  • Moved again.
  • Kody started at new program.
  • Unpacked (and still unpacking) at new home.
  • Finally starting to feel like a real human being again....

I'm probably leaving some fun things out, but honestly, since March I don't really remember much. 2010 will go down as the year of pure crazy. In other news, I'm thinking of changing my blog name. I actually feel very grown up now, so I'm open to suggestions.

A few exciting things coming up in 2011:

  • My sister comes home from deployment.
  • My sister is moving to Germany.
  • I am going to visit my sister in Germany (eventually).
  • Garage gym will be completed. Oh my goodness it is so awesome. Pictures will come soon.
  • Do a sprint triathlon. I miss swimming.
  • House will be totally unpacked.
  • Not. Moving.
  • I might sneak to Dallas to see New Kids on the Block.