Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am Iron Man

Today is a big day. A big, BIG day! Today is Kody's very last shift as a medical student! I honestly cannot believe it. Graduation is two weeks from tomorrow. After tonight (he is currently working nights in the ICU) he will be a free man until orientation starts up in Michigan on June 23rd.

What do you get for the boy who needs nothing but fun?

How about this?

Yes, I bought us tickets to the Iron Man 2 double feature! I should win the award for wife of the year (for many, many reasons), but honestly I'm just as excited as he is. We will see Iron Man at 9:30PM on May 6th followed by Iron Man 2 at 11:55PM. SCORE!

Yes, I will 100% worthless at work next Friday, but it will be worth it. It is the least I can do for the doctor. Check your local AMC theater to find out if they are running a double feature too! Most AMC's across the country are doing the same thing. Now I have to start planning my movie snacks...

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Brooke Brewer said...

Sooooo proud of Kody! Way to go Dr. King. Gin - you are the best wifey ever. High 5!