Friday, February 26, 2010

I Know Where I Stand

Kody's best friend had a birthday on Wednesday. Clayton and Kody have been best friends forever. They grew up together, they were roommates in college together and they have been able to keep the friendship alive after college. Way to go boys. Tonight Kody is driving to Edmond from Lawton to celebrate Clayton's day of birth with dinner, ping pong and a possible movie.

Now I'm going to take a bit of a detour in this story....

I LOVE scary movies. I really love all movies. I get really excited about them when I see the first preview and I wait in great anticipation for their release date. I have been really excited about Shutter Island. It looks fantastic. Kody has simply refused to see it with me. I have yet for him to truly sacrifice and see a scary movie with me. I beg. I plead. I cry (in my heart). I end up having to rent them and watch them alone. It is a very sad life I lead. Let me also say, when I get what he would consider a "scary" movie (think of thrillers like Fracture) he ends up loving them.

Today I get a phone call from Kody. Here is how the conversation when down:

Kody: "I wanted to let you know that I think we might go see Shutter Island tonight for Clayton's birthday."
Me: "That's funny, I asked you to see it with me and you said no because it was a scary movie!"
Kody: "I know, but this is for his birthday."
Me: "Alright, well for my birthday this year I am going to ask you to see something insanely terrifying...since it will be my birthday."
Kody: "That is mean."
Me: "But it will be for my birthday."
Kody: silent pause
Me: "If I asked you to go see Shutter Island with me tonight would you say yes?"
Kody: "No."
Me: "If Clayton asked you to see it with him immediately after I asked you would you say yes?"
Kody: "Yes."

I am totally feeling the love.


mydogumentary said...

haha...Now that is the Kody I know and love. And also very typical of every man out there.

Robertson's said...

Made me laugh. Peer pressure got him this time - ha! ha! I hate scary movies - cannot stay at home alone after watching them!!