Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Weekend Ever

Why you ask? Because my house got CLEAN! I don't just mean laundry, vacuumed, swiffer wet jet clean...I mean four trash bags out of the office, paper put in files and drawers, I can walk in and out of the office without tripping clean. WOOHOO. We spent five hours organizing it Sunday evening. The rest of the house did get clean via vacuum, swiffer wet jet and laundry. It also smells like an ocean breeze. I'm just so happy. I want to stare at it and soak it all in because I'm not sure how long it will last.

Kody came home for the weekend from Lawton. We had a great time. We did a lot of relaxing, a lot of playing and a lot of work. Saturday night we went to Dave and Busters with our newly engaged friends Stephen and Abbie. (yay!) I would like everyone to know that I owned the quick shot basketball game. I scored 61 points. Yes, 61. It is a new PR. I'm no basketball player, but I had some mad skills showing up that night. I pretty much rocked it.

Sunday I cheered on the Vikings as they fought the Cowboys. I never watch the NFL. I just don't like it as much as college. Earlier this year I decided I would kind of keep up with Minnesota since Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson play with them. This was only the second full game I have watched all season so I can hardly call myself a true fan, but I was very happy to see "the purple" become victorious. Kody's family are big Dallas Cowboys fans. Kody doesn't really care that much, although, he couldn't cheer against the Cowboys. He laughed at me dancing around the house singing, "Go purple, go purple, go purple". We had fun. And in all seriousness, Brett Farve was amazing. I mean, the guy is forty years old and is still a stud. It was fun to watch.

We took Bailey to the playground Sunday afternoon. Some people take their children to the playground, but I take my dog. No one was there so she had all the big toys to herself. She runs up the steps, across the bridge and goes down the slide on her own. She is one brave girl. She also loves the sand. Sand makes Bailey crazy. She starts spinning and digging and jumping up and down. We had a blast. That little dog was so worn out when we got home. It was precious.

Oh yes, and the most important part of the weekend....Saturday was my half birthday! My mom got me a super cute, very mini crock pot which I used to make some little smokies on Sunday for football viewing. I love half birthdays...

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mydogumentary said...

I love brett...LOVE him. I've loved him forever. :)