Monday, January 11, 2010

Because It Feels Like It Should be a Random Post Day...

I don't feel like being too witty, or trying to be witty and failing, so here is a list of random things I would write more in length about if I had the energy!
  • Pete Carroll is leaving USC. Take that Mark May. Who are you going to worship on Saturday's now?
  • My super awesome winter boots came in the mail Thursday evening. They might be my favorite online purchase EVER. Yes, I do look adorable in them.
  • Kody's rank list for match has been finalized and submitted. No, it wasn't dramatic picking the order, but the fact that it has been submitted and now we just wait is kind of crazy.
  • Bailey came to work with me on Friday. More to come on that later. I have pictures to prove it. Office mascot.
  • Kody is in Lawton for the next two months.
  • My shoulder is about 93% healed!!!! This is AMAZING news. Now I can get back into training for sectionals! They are in should all come cheer for me!
  • My sister got a surprise visitor at midnight last night! Matt knocked on her door at 12AM She thought he was still overseas. So flippin a movie. He had to jump a fence and everything. ::sigh::
  • I started taking Fish Oil.
  • My cousin Jennifer is awesome. I failed to mention how she got me hooked on Sweet Valley High. We used to play the board game together whenever I would visit. I liked to be Lila. It was fun to be a snob.
  • I really want to go skiing and take my new boots and Jennifer. I need some mountain air.
  • I am halfway through The Lovely Bones. Pretty good.

I discovered a new TV show. I'm in love. Make It or Break It. Don't judge me. It is awesome. I heart gymnastics. Thanks ABC Family.


Brooke Brewer said...

Hi you! I love your random posts. It makes me feel like I am on the phone talking to you. :)

I wish I was going skiing soon too. I also wish I had some new winter boots. I will live thru you! :)

Praying for Kody's MATCH-can't wait to find out.

DC was awesome and yall should go! It actually is or could be a great weekend trip. We were there longer but yall are all energy and fun and you could do it in 2 1/2 days and get to see everything and eat great places and enjoy a weekend away!

Anonymous said...

Ginny!!Yay! I made the blog! You must realize this blog provides laughs and happiness for me each and every Saturday!!! :)
I have my savings account going strong for skiing! I was looking at an old scrapbook from when we went to that one place in college where we stayed in that loft...that was cool! I hope I remember how to skiii!!!
No matter how old we are or get, we will ALWAYS sing on the chairlift! 1,2,3,4 cmon baby say you love me....!