Monday, January 4, 2010


So far in 2010 we have had a broken garage door that cost $215 to fix and a stomach virus for Kody. He was supposed to start a two month rotation in Lawton this morning, but is still at home sick. Thankfully, Bailey is at home taking care of him. I hope he shakes this thing soon because he is miserable.

Match is five weeks from today. Five weeks. Thirty five days. Five weeks ago it was Thanksgiving. That feels like yesterday. Match is sure sneaking up on us. I like to say I'm not nervous about it, but I would be lying. I am at peace about it, but still nervous. You can be at peace and nervous at the same time, right? I think you can, so my answer is yes.

We spent our New Year's Eve in sweats watching movies together. I wouldn't have had it any other way. We watched Up, which made us both tearful wrecks, and TWILIGHT. Now Kody wants to see New Moon. Welcome to the dark side my love.


AK said...

Ok lets talk UP. It thought it was highly depressing. I finished watching it and had to put in a funny movie..... because all I wanted was for his wife to see the falls.

Melody said...

Too bad about Kody being sick....hopefully he gets better quick. Just thought I'd tell you that today Jaylen saw her Dora book on the counter & said, "Mommy, Kody & Ginny gave me dat!" It was so cute & I didn't have to tell her your names....she loves the book & it was such a thoughtful gift for her. Thanks! So good to see you at Gma's but we need to hang out more soon!