Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As I am sure you all recall, I am very excited about the upcoming release Tim Burton's of Alice In Wonderland starring the fabulously wonderful Mr. Depp. Now blogs all over the blogosphere are reporting some pretty amazing news. Burton is talking about bringing another Disney classic to life...Sleeping Beauty. First of all, I love sleeping beauty. Maleficent is just the evilest of the evil and I always love the villains. I know, I'm sick. Last time I was at Disney I discovered this amazing Disney villains poster. I wanted it...bad. Kody and I sat there forever naming all the glorious Disney villains.


Here is the best news about this possible project, it is going to revolve around...Maleficent! I know, too cool right? I'm almost too excited to even type. So who should play Maleficent? Obviously Helena Bonham Carter came to mind...even before I read this article. What about the fairy godmothers? I could see Jeremy Irons as King Stefan. He's very regal. Lots to ponder. I can't wait to hear more on this. I wonder how Johnny would fit in....


Brooke Brewer said...

I am all for re-makes!Sleeping Beauty would be a great one. I am so excited for Alice...I think Johnny will be a great Mad Hatter. He is so good at those crazy characters. I have been thinking lately I should go buy all the great Disney movies because on TV they are always threatning "they are going into the vault" and I am scared I won't have them to enjoy with the baby. Ok she won't watch them for a while but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Brooke Haynie said...

thats the greatest news i've heard all day! at one point disney was rumored in the future to open a park at disney world that is all themed around the villains. how cool would that be?

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