Monday, July 19, 2010

The Games

For those of you who still haven't discovered the gloriousness of CrossFit, this past weekend was the 2010 CrossFit Games. Yes, the Games I competed to qualify for at the end of May. The Games I came so close to making it to, but just missed that I wanted to cry (oh wait, I did...shocking). Anyway, CrossFit streamed the entire weekend live over the web with commentators. It was amazing. Most CrossFitters were glued to their iPhone or computer screen all weekend watching each second of The Games.

If you are curious about what the CrossFit Games look like, the Saturday and Sunday events are archived and can be watched back by the hour. Pretty cool! Go Here. In the bottom left hand corner you will see "Missed Something? View the archives below, organized by he hour" Pull the drop down menu and select your time!

It might be hard to grasp just how incredible these athletes are and how taxing what they are doing is on their bodies. The top competitors went through nine events in less than 48 hours. Our affiliate owner, Breck Berry, placed 21st overall for the men. Quite a showing! If nothing else, watching The Games is truly inspirational. Seeing competitors cheer on their peers after they have completed an event is something you don't see often in the athletic world, but it is something you see everyday in CrossFit whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner. The CrossFit community continues to grow and The Games will continue to get bigger and bigger. I'm excited to see where it all goes! Pick an hour and check it out. There are individual events, team events and masters events (50+).

Now we wait another year to do it all again...

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Kim said...

So I watched some excerpts from the Games and WOW! True torture I tell ya. Very impressive athletes for sure! I can't believe you almost made it there. That's awesome!