Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Worry...

I'm still alive. I made it to Michigan in one piece. Kody has been busy, but we are settling into a semi routine....I think. ER nights are always strange. I can't make myself go to bed a decent time when Kody isn't home. I have already watched 1 1/2 seasons of Friday Night Lights online via NetFlix in the evening. Good times.

I'm making friends, which is fabulous. I am really enjoying the CrossFit gym. Being there everyday makes things feel kind of normal. CrossFitters are the same wherever you go...awesome.

We have already been to California Pizza Kitchen three times. I know, it might be the new Red Robin. Someone stop us! Actually, last night we just went and had pre movie appetizers. They have the most fantastic avocado egg rolls! Kind of addicting and unfortunately not very healthy.

Bailey has made quite a few dog friends. She played with a collie named Alice today at our apartment. We have also been to the dog park twice. She is the cute new girl!

We are waiting to hear about a great townhouse that we want to rent in Sterling Heights. It is about ten minutes from the hospital. It is so cute and I want it! Rentals here a very expensive here. It is kind of blowing my mind. We also visited a nice church on Sunday, Utica Church of Christ. It was much smaller than I am used to, but the preacher was really good. We are going to go try out bible class this week and see how that goes.

So far so good. The weather is unbeatable right now. It feels like November in Oklahoma. I just hopes that sticks around longer than people are telling us it will! We miss everyone back home, but are really optimistic about our future here in Michigan.


Kendra Lynn said...

I got so excited when I read this!Raymond works nights and is taking classes SO I also have a hard time going to sleep and I just finished season 1 of friday night lights. I couldnt believe I had never watched it! I love watching high school drama and football. Have fun in Michigan and tell Kody hi!

Melody said...

So glad you are adjusting & back with your hubbie! Wish you could of been at Linda's for Labor missed some family Minute To Win It games!

Bethany DuBose said...

I LOVE Friday night Lights!!!!!
Are you working? Or getting to just play??? Glad you are back with Kody!!!!