Monday, June 1, 2009


Gator Bait!

Tonight Florida and Washington start the best of three series for the Women's College World Series title. We made it out to Hall of Fame Stadium Friday night to see the mighty Gators take on Michigan. We sat in right field and it felt like home. I love right field. Anyway, yesterday Florida played Alabama in the semis. Bama would have had to be Florida twice to get to the title series. Florida was undefeated and it is double elimination. Bottom of the 7th, 2 outs, bases loaded and Florida is down 5-2. It sounds like a "No Fear" shirt, doesn't it? Ali Gardiner, first basemen and senior for Florida, was up to bat. She was 0-9 in the tournament. Oh frustration! I'm having trouble remembering if is was a 1-2 or a 2-1 count, but she hits a flippin walk off grand slam to left field. Opposite field walk off grand slam.....amazing. So, Florida won 6-5. Poor Alabama, they looked insanely shocked. Not a good feeling. They were up by three with two outs in the last inning. I'm sure their minds were thinking, "Alright,one more out and then we gotta get geared up for game two tonight!" That is the thing about softball, anything can happen and anytime. Fantastic.

Twilight Update:
I finished New Moon this weekend. I begin Eclipse tonight. I'm so very excited. A few things I have decided/questioned after reading the first two Twilight books:
1. I want to go visit Forks.
2. I have a thing for monsters.
3. I wonder if my blood smells appealing?


Michelle said...

Did you go to Orange Tree? Don't you love that place? We go there all the time!

Rachel T. said...

I love it when the WCWS is going on, we watched it all weekend! I have to admit I was rooting for Alabama, but just because they were the underdog. We're definitely taking Ruby to watch it sometime in the next few years. She better love softball! ~Rachel

Ginny said...

Quite alright Rachel - I thought Alabama had it in the bad going into the last inning! You can cheer for Florida from now on. hehe Ruby WILL love softball. No way around it! :)