Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Angela!

Today one of my bestest friends (yes, I said bestest) turns 27. I know, she is soooooooo old. She is a whole month and six days older than I am. I am so lucky to have a such a wise, mature soul to help guide me through life. To honor Angela, I decided to make a list of all my favorite things about her. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section:

1. She knows I love Mamba's...the best candy in the WORLD!
2. She helps throw NSYNC CD release parties. I have the video to prove it.
3. She taught me how to straighten my hair. (bless you)
4. She married a look a like of her celebrity crush. (Josh Hartnett)
5. She rescues dogs.
6. She is supportive of my Twilight addiction.
7. She listened to me ramble on and on and on and on about every boy I ever liked.
8. She was my online Family Feud team member during our summer "job" at the OC Fitness Center.
9. She emailed me this morning at 8:12AM to tell me Britney is coming to Tulsa. WOOHOO!
10. She let me throw her bachelorette party at a pole dancing "fitness" class. (best party ever!)
11. Even though we don't live in the same town anymore, we still talk all the time.
12. She gave me monkey cups and plates for my birthday one year.
13. She is really good at doing my eye makeup.
14. She stayed with me the night before my wedding.
15. She is the most sarcastic person I know, which I love.
16. We survived numerous math classes together in high school and college...pre-calc, calc, statistics, and finite math. Oh finite....
17. Speaking of high school math, she brought all of her NSYNC and Britney posters to calculus and posted them all over the room. Our teacher loved it...seriously.
18. She has a super funny blog that everyone should read if she would start UPDATING it again! Hint Hint
19. She is a great road trip buddy/navigator. Oh Dallas...
20. She is one of the most loyal friends in the world and I am so lucky to have her as mine!

Happy Birthday Angela!

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mydogumentary said...

Oh ginny, you're so sweet! Thanks--you made me feel more special than my husband! I'm not going to lie, I'll probably copy you and make a list on your bday! And if I could figure out how to convert tape to digital I'd post the NSYNC video! haha! Thanks again friend! You're the best!