Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Bringing Bailey Back...

I finally have Bailey back! She has been staying with Kody at my parent's house since May 28th. I know, it has been so sad without her. Don't worry, I have been with her plenty. Since May 28th I have made four overnight trips to Edmond which includes weekend stays. Kody begged me to let her stay with him last week and I very sweetly agreed. I am pretty sure she is going to spend the next four days sleeping at my house. She is getting a very brief break from her dear cousin Midori. We are returning Friday evening. She better enjoy her rest while she can get it!

In other Bailey news, she finally LOVES water. Kody has been devastated the entire duration of her life because she does not like to swim. We have been taking her to the dog park in Edmond and she started to follow Midori into the lake. Now I can't get her to leave the water! She chases other dogs, swims out to retrieve tennis balls and she stands in neck deep water gazing at the scenery. Amazing. She doesn't run away from my parent's pool anymore when we all go swimming. She actually stands next to the edge to watch. She used to sprint up the stairs to the "safety zone" for fear of being thrown in the water. She had a right to be scared though, Kody almost always tries to get her in the water. This might be the summer of a swimming dog. We are so exited.

Enough about my dog for now.

My goal over the next two weeks is to get my house insanely organized. I say this a lot, but I feel motivated. I want Kody to have a clean office to study in during his vacation/board study month of July. In other Kody med school/rotation news, he still loves his OKC rotation. He has great things to say about the residents and attendings. There are two other students rotating with him. One is leaving next week and the other will be there the entire month with Kody. Of course he wishes he was the only one, but he is handling it well.

Medical School Countdown:
Twenty two days until fourth year starts.
Two months and three days until Step 2 boards.
Seven months and three weeks (ish) until Match Day.
Eleven months and six days until we become Dr. and Mrs.


mydogumentary said...

I think I may know why Bailey had a fear of water. It may have something to do with Kody throwing her in the pool repeatedly when she was a puppy. I was a witness to it! And I'm a little sad--no Twilight update?!

Alexandra said...

It all flies by so quickly, you will be to Dr. and Mrs. in no time!!