Friday, June 5, 2009


I will admit it, I almost sent in an application for the next two rounds of Survivor. They are shooting season 19 and season 20 late summer and early fall. I know, 19 and 20. Can you believe there have been that many seasons? Survivor has always made me angry. All the good players get kicked off by the weak ones. The way around that is to win immunity every week, which of course I would. Anyway, I have not sent in my application, even though it is half way completed. I need some motivation to finish it. I have come up with a strength and weakness list for myself:

Why I Would Rock on Survivor:
  • I'm super friendly
  • I'm ultra competitive
  • I'm deceivingly strong for my size
  • I like to think strategically
Why I Would Tragically Fail on Survivor:
  • I play too fair
  • I have to eat every two hours or tantrums are very likely (just ask my mom or Kody!)
  • I hate bugs
  • I am too trusting and would get tricked easily
So, what should I do? Should I go for it? Please let me know what you think!

Also, I asked Robin to try out for American Idol as a birthday gift to me. I thinks she is considering the idea. She feels like it is a lot of pressure, but I assured her that Simon would adore her. She is spunky and can sing.

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Nicole!


Melody said...

Do it!

mydogumentary said...

I say do're smart, cute, and strong...and you're sly like a fox. Do it, for MY birthday!

Emily said...

Of course send it in!!

Desiree said...

Go for it! What else have you got to do while Kody's on rotations, lol... ;) You would rock!

Bethany DuBose said...

YEs do it!!!! You would be AWESOME!!!!!! You would love it!!!