Monday, June 22, 2009


I thought it was over...but it isn't....MIDNIGHT SUN! Score.

On another topic, this weekend there was a baby mouse running around my parent's living room. Midori was very intrigued by the baby mouse. Bailey was only somewhat amused. Rookie, the cat, had absolutely zero interest. Doesn't that seem backwards? Granted, Rookie is sixteen years old, but he still kicks it like a five year old. He is quick on his feet and is as feline as any other fur ball you meet. We tried to get the baby mouse to run outside, but he was slightly terrified of the monstrous beasts and didn't want to leave the safety under the couch. We lost track of the mouse somehow. Reluctantly, I told my parents the next day. My dad said he had seen one a few days earlier. The house gets mice sometimes in the winter, but not usually in the summer so my mom didn't really believe him. HA! Anyway, they set out traps last night and this morning I was told that "multiple" mice were caught. I think it was a little family. I am sure the cute baby mouse escaped. He was quite quick! It didn't hopped. Too cute. No one likes a mouse in their house, unless it is a cute baby mouse! I asked my mom to please not let me see any of the traps or give me details. It would be to painful to know too much about our destruction of the little mouse family. I asked her if it was a humane death and she said yes. Thank goodness. Now they are in mouse heaven where they will never have to fears cats, dogs or traps again. RIP.

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Melisa said...

Midnight Sun is my FAVORITE!!! If I could I would beg her to finish it. Sigh...