Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Heart Chocolate

The Tulsa Run was a success. I finished under my gaol time, which was 1:20:00. I ran a 1:19:26 which is right around 8:30 pace. I was on pace to run about a 1:15:00, but I semi died. The first third of the run was uphill. I was not prepared! Needless to say, I am going to do a little more hill work before the Route 66 half marathon on Nov 18. I already checked the elevation map for the course and it doesn't head uphill until the last few miles. I can handle hills at the end because I am pumped to finish. Hills at the beginning, however, just make me too tired too fast. I feel positive that I am going to have a good experience in the half marathon. I'm getting excited!

I went to the gym this morning to get my run in before work. Two girls probably around 30 were running next to me. I overheard one of them talking about how she has been nauseous during her pregnancy (she wasn't showing so I'm sure she is only a few months along). Then I heard her say she was going to run ten to twelve miles that morning. Somehow being pregnant and running twelve miles doesn't really go well together in my head, although I'm quite envious! I'm not sure the baby feels the same way.

Last night was Halloween and this year we had a much more successful trick or treating turnout at our house. Bailey dressed up like a skeleton. She looked precious. She greeted all the kids at the door. They all loved her...of course! Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop eating Halloween candy today. I thought I was smart by giving all of our leftovers to Kody to take to school, but people at work did not do the same thing. They all brought it HERE! Seriously, you expect me to resist free chocolate when it is sitting in front of me all day? It doesn't matter how much will power I think I have. When chocolate is involved all bets are off.

Crislyn is staying with us tonight. I'm so excited to have a house guest! It's always fun when friends come to visit. More of you should do it!

Fun stat for the day: Women spend 205 million minutes per month on, more than any other celebrity site. Thank you Media Week magazine.

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