Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Time

Saturday we had Thanksgiving at our house and I successfully cooked my first turkey. I feel quite accomplished, although I felt slightly dumb when I started to make it. I had to find the bag that had the giblets and the bag that had the neck and pull them out. The neck bag was in the body cavity of the turkey and it was so hard to find. I felt like I was operating. Luckily, I found both bags and cooked a very moist and delicious turkey! We had way too much food. My plan semi back fired on me. I ran the Route 66 half marathon on Sunday (which I will get to in a moment), so I figured if we had Thanksgiving the day before it would control my eating. Wrong. Apparently I forgot I was running the next day and proceeded to eat far too much. It was all so good, I couldn't just leave perfectly good food sitting there untouched! My mom and Kody's mom were a great help. They both made side dishes and Kody's mom did the majority of the dishes and when I say majority I actually mean all of them. :) I think we have enough food to feed us for the next three days until we go to Bartlesville for Thanksgiving part 2. YAY!

Sunday was the big race. Luckily the overeating didn't effect me very much. It was amazing running weather. 60 degrees, overcast, no wind...perfect! My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. Robin told Kody and my mom that I would finish in 1:53:00. I laughed at them. She must know something I don't though because I ran a 1:53:12. I was shocked in a really good way. I told myself I would not look at the overall time throughout the race. I wanted to focus on my pace time. I was averaging between 8:30 and 8:42 minute miles. I felt great the whole race. The last three miles were all hills, which I rocked. :) I like hills at the end of a race because everyone slows down and I pass them. I love passing people, it makes me feel awesome.

Kody played in his first roller hockey game on Sunday. He scored a goal and had an assist. It was fun to watch him. There weren't any benches which was annoying because I had just finished my race. I had to stand the entire game so I could see what was going on, but it was worth it to see him play. One of his professors was playing in the game before his. It was kind of funny. She played in college...yes she. I was impressed.

Three days of work and then four days of play. Gainesville here we come!! I hope I get to meet Tim and Percy....

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