Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day four of P90X round far so good. I am looking forward to today's workout because it is yoga. I miss yoga. I really fell in love with it last time. I did get up and run this morning. I'm starting to taper for the run. It is a very strange feeling when running five miles feels like nothing. Amazing.

Kody's last test of the six week stretch is tomorrow. YAY! I got some sweet action tickets from work for the OSU v Kansas game on Saturday. I gave them to Kody so he would have something exciting to do this weekend since I'm having my girls weekend. YAY! Less than 27 hours until the fun begins.

Robin turns 24 tomorrow. I can't believe she is that old now! I almost said 22, which also seemed too old. I realized today that I will be 26 on my next birthday. It's not like I had some big realization and finally figured out how old I am, because I have always known....I promise. I just don't think about it that often. Age has never been a big deal to me...except for 16. Kody's dad's birthday is tomorrow as well. He is not turning 24. :)

Happy Thursday!

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