Friday, February 20, 2009

I Miss It...

I know it is only February, almost March, but I already miss football season. Everyday I have the same routine in the morning when I get to work. Check my email, look at Fox News, listen to voice mail and then look at ESPN's college football page. After I do all of that (which takes five minutes) I can start my day. Unfortunately, that last part of my routine has been boring over the last two months. I'm just itching for some great story to come up, but so far there is nothing. Today, for a moment, my heart started to race when I read the headline "Florida's James Undergoes Foot Surgery". Thankfully, it is not serious and Mr. James Punt Returner Extraordinaire will be back to new before fall practice starts. Gosh that seems so far away...

In all my distress over the lack of college football news, it came to me that this upcoming football season will be very different than the past three we have experienced while living in Tulsa. Kody and I love to entertain and have friends over. It really doesn't matter what it is for. We have LOST parties, Florida parties, Birthday parties, It's Nice Outside and We Want to Cook Out parties...basically we like to make food for people so they will hang out with us. This summer and fall, however, Kody won't be here. After the month of April he will begin is trek around Oklahoma/The US of A doing rotations. Although he has not set up rotations after July, we both know most of them will not be in Tulsa. He is doing his first orthopedic rotation in March. If all goes well and he loves it, he'll use the rest of his elective rotations to rotate at orthopedic programs across the country. If not, then who knows, but he'll still be away from Tulsa...a lot. Most programs like you to rotate with them if you plan on applying to their program. For me, however, that means I will be in Tulsa and he'll be in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Ohio or Missouri. Isn't that crazy? I'm actually excited for him and it will give me a chance to visit him on his great adventure! The worst part, however, will be game day during the fall. It just won't be the same without him! Hopefully he can swing an OKC rotation in November...that is the best month of every football fan's season. It can make you or break you!

Oh and I almost forgot, I started training for the OKC Memorial Marathon this week. I'm only running the half marathon. It will be my fourth. Hopefully all will go well and I'll stay healthy. I'm really looking forward to my long runs on the weekends during the spring.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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