Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Going to Hollywood!

OK, not really, but American Idol is....tonight! I'm so excited. I love Hollywood week. It is the week of the unexpected. Heartache, jubilation, tears...it is a roller coaster of emotions as a viewer...and probably as a contestant as well. Every year I have favorites that are left out the final mix. I am also always left thinking to myself, "How in that world did that person make it to the final 24?" Sometimes the judges amaze me...

I'm pretty sure Kody and I would both make the cut. We played Rock Band 2 for five straight hours Sunday afternoon. We have achieved global domination. Our band name is "Kody" and yes, we rock. Kody plays guitar and I sing. I know, one might think the roles should be reversed since Kody is a past recording artist and I played piano for fifteen years. Yes, my husband is actually a rock star in the acapella Christan music world. (scroll down to Wisdom, Power and Love. See his picture on the cover art? Score! Listen to track number 11 "They Need Jesus". Yes, he's amazing. He wrote number 1 and number 8. I like to brag on him.) Kody might have the voice, but I am gifted with knowing the words and tune to every song ever written. My voice is like gold in the Rock Band world!

Also, please help my dear dog friend Sadie win MVP Pet Contest from Bissell. Click on the link in the sidebar on the right side of my page. You can vote until February 10th. Go Sadie!

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mydogumentary said...

Thanks for the shout out! YAY! Sadie's a star!