Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day of Play...for the Dog

The ice/sleet/snow came in Monday afternoon. Tuesday, Kody and I both stayed home because both our employers value our lives and wanted us to stay safe. I spent the day in front of our laptop working from home, which really meant I responded to email for four straight hours. Kody spent the day watching TV and playing in the back yard with Bailey. Here are some pictures to recap the fun she had outside with her daddy.

All ready to go in her winter coat and boots!
At this point Kody is about to start running after her which turns into ten minute "chasing" sessions throughout the day. It was hilarious.

This is what happens after a "chasing" session. Bailey is as snug as a bug in a rug...and yes, she sleeps like a person often.

Tired little girl. She loves her snow days!
Someday I will have pictures of atual little humans running around in the snow and sleeping, but for now I am content with my dog and husband. They are too much fun!

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Emily said...

Colin said he LOVES the boots and winter coat on Bailey.