Friday, January 23, 2009


I can definitely tell it is Friday. I had about zero motivation to get out of bed and get moving this morning. I'm ready to get home and put on my "home uniform" which includes my Air Force sweatpants and Florida sweatshirt. I don't discriminate. I have to spread my support to all my family universities.

I'm craving some sushi and edamame. Yum yum. Maybe I am just craving salt. I love the soy and wasabi combo and then big pieces of beautiful salt on the edamame. I'm sure my blood pressure feels the same way.

New Kids tickets go on sale tomorrow morning! I was happy to find out that I am not the only person I work with that was obsessed (in third grade) and owned the beach towel. I also had a New Kids slap bracelet. Those were the days...

Click here to read about the biggest waste of time ever. I'm a huge football fan and sure, a playoff would be fun, but seriously, doesn't the government have bigger things to worry about? Texas, California and Utah better whip their whiny representatives into shape and get them focused on important, relevant issues. Maybe if I wasn't a Florida fan I would feel differently, but probably not.

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