Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Got Tickets!

Yes, it is official, I am going to see New Kids on the Block on March 9th in Tulsa. I will be accompanied by three gals who share the same enthusiasm for boy bands as I do. I don't care how old you get, you never forget how fun it is to be a silly, obsessed ten year old!

Kody and I were catching up on some TV Friday evening (thank you DVR) and as we were watching Top Chef Restaurant Wars (my favorite episode every season) there were some promo spots for the concert. Of course I get all excited and start singing because tomorrow is ticket day! I had been asking Kody for a while if he wanted to go with me, but he always laughed and said no. As the promo goes on, they announced that The Jabowakeez (winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1...another favorite show of ours) would be opening for NKOTB. The minute Kody saw that he said he wanted to go with me. I thought for a moment and kindly told him he could not attend with me. He had made fun of me and I was already going with the girls. I told him he had to find a friend to go with. I don't think he was actually heartbroken. He'll survive. Of course, he does love the new song "Single". He told me he sang it for one of the internal med interns. She also is going to the show, except she got some VIP package. If a twenty eight year old doctor is going to see NKOTB then no one is allowed to make fun of me. Boy Bands 4 Eva.

The ice storm is coming in....


Young Fam said...

Oh wow, this concert keeps getting better!!! I'm so pumped, I can't wait!

mydogumentary said...

Yay--you guys will have so much fun! And husbands have no place at New Kids concerts!