Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CrossFit Qualifier

Last night I registered for the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier. I'm kind of freaking out because I can't believe I actually signed up to compete. For those of you who know me or read this blog regularly, you know that Kody and I have been CrossFitting since July. You also know that we are completely obsessed and could not imagine our lives without CrossFit. One of the main things we love about it are all the people that we have been able to develop friendships with...that and the way the workouts completely destroy us in a fantastic way.

Anyway, this summer will mark the third annual CrossFit Games. They are held in California. The past two years anyone has been able to sign up and compete, but this year they are having regional qualifiers. Only the top five men and women from our qualifier will get to compete at the games. YIKES! Our regional includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. It is going to be held in Fort Worth, Texas in May. I hope I can represent CrossFit Jenks well!

I will post occasionally about my training and preparation. Kody kept telling me last night I need to "bulk up". I wanted to kick him in the knee...in a very loving way of course! Don't worry, I'm not going to become some monsterous manly woman. I fully intend on staying the same size I am now...just getting leaner and perfecting my technique which does need a good bit of work. WOOHOO. Now all I need is a really great mix tape to keep me pumped. Any suggestions?

In other news, I cooked three pounds of chicken last night. I think Kody and I are good on lean meats for dinner this week. Also, today is my dad's half birthday. Happy half birthday dad! Mine is in ten days and yes you will be hearing more about it next week. Half birthdays ARE a big deal.


Brooke Haynie said...

actually i always listen to this guy who compiles songs together is flippin' awesome! His name is GIRLTALK. You can't find him on Itunes but if you google "girltalk" and go to his myspace you can buy his new album for whatever price you want. He takes songs and overlaps them to create really upbeat and catchy tunes. if you scroll down you can listen to some of his stuff. Warning: some of it is dirty but you can weed out some of the songs and get some that aren't bad! I think you'll like it!!

mydogumentary said...

Good luck with that! They actually approached me wanting me to compete in that but I said NO! And of course I'm going to recommend NSYNC/Britney for music. WOO HOO!