Friday, January 2, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

It feels very strange being at work today. It feels like a Monday, but it actually Friday. For that I am very thankful. Kody worked yesterday while I CrossFitted and watched bowl games. It was a fantastic day. It took every ounce of energy to get out of bed and come into work today. I love my job, I just would have liked to lay around all day again and watch football! I am going to watch the Texas Tech/Ole Miss score via unless the higher powers tell me I have to leave work immediately so I can watch it from the comfort of my living room. We'll see.

Kody and I are heading to Coffeyville, Kansas this weekend for another family holiday gathering. This year we will have only attended three Christmases. Last year was four plus a wedding. Poor Kody hasn't been off at all this week. He started a new rotation yesterday...internal medicine. He is going to miss surgery and I am going to miss the stories. He's been working like a dog, but it is paying off. He sounds smarter every day.
Since I have nothing too exciting to talk about I'll just post some pictures.
Rookie cat. No, he's not dead. He just sleeps like that on my parent's counter tops. Ha!
Midori on my bed at my parent's house. She is awesome.
Bailey posing with her favorite toys. She pulled them all out of her toy basket. Silly girl.
Me, Jen, Jessie and Nicole on New Year's.

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