Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!

That 90's classic just started playing on the radio. Since I am practically alone in the office I'm dancing a little bit in my chair. I imagine a world where groups of people that do not know each other break in to perfectly synchronized choreographed dance like they do in Newsies and Super Star. "Everybody Dance Now" is actually the sound track to my favorite "random" movie dance in the movie Super Star. Mary Cathrine Gallagher and friends put on a tremendous show in the cafeteria. Why do things like that not happen in real life? I need them to happen! Someday...

Tulsa is under a tornado watch until 10PM. This is usually the time of year I start emailing my TV reps and tell them to make sure the weather men only tell me what is going on during commercial breaks. Yes, I have that kind of power. Ok, not really, but I try! As a media buyer I shouldn't really want stations to interrupt my commercials, but as a TV viewer during tornado season it is the only way to go! Hopefully American Idol will come through unscathed tonight. Fox is usually good about not interrupting programming. They must not care about my safety as much as other stations, but frankly I appreciate that. :) Kidding Fox, kidding. I know you care.

This picture is old...circa summer 2007, but if I could describe what Kody and I are like together with a picture this would probably be it....special. Don't we look fun?

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juneyor said...

The 90's are on the classic station already? Damn my mom told me this would happen one day. Suddenly I'm feeling old.