Thursday, August 16, 2007

I was just reading MSNBC's preseason top 25 poll. The Florida Gators are number 5, which is fine by me. Preseason really means nothing. USC fans know that. Oh that was a low blow, so sorry. Anyway, I got chills. I'm so excited for football season. I wish all of you could truly understood the pure joy I get on Saturday's during the fall.

"The Gators are building the most formidable talent war-chest this side of USC, so watch out. If Florida gets some breaks and finds its way back into the big game again, we might be looking at the start of a Southern dynasty." - A very smart man who wrote for MSNBC, Joey Johnston

More than anything I can't wait to be in Gainesville on November 24th. Only 14 weeks to go!
Kody starts school on Monday. It's been fun having him around so much this summer. I'm also really excited he is starting again because that means in less than one year he will be on rotations and even closer to graduation! In less than three years he will be a real doctor. Amazing.

In other news, I am going to San Diego at the end of September for the AOA convention. Basically it means I'm a big deal. OK, not really, but I'm going to learn a lot about the American Osteopathic Association which will be helpful someday I'm sure.

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