Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am a food snob. I just confirmed it with myself.

I bought this really cute snack pack of cubed cheese, grapes and apples with caramel dip. Yes, I eat like I am five years old sometimes. Anyway, I have been looking forward to it all day. The cubed cheese is excellent. I love cheese. I'm a little disappointed in the grapes. I only like firm grapes. I hate the smooshy ones. Is smooshy actually a word? It is in my vocabulary, but apparently not in spell check's. Oh well. The apples, however, are making me sad. They are brown and I hate brown apples. I know they probably taste fine, but I'm having a hard time making myself eat them. There were two non brown ones that tasted phenomenal in the caramel. I love apples and caramel. It feels like fall when I get to indulge in such a delicacy. I also find my self squeezing each grape and either eating it or tossing it to the side if it does not have the proper firmness. Poor grapes. They will never truly fulfill their purpose in life if I do not eat them. I'm a food snob.

In other news:
Congratulations to one of my bestest friends who is now with child!!! Any guesses? I was told today that I am allowed to tell people if it comes up in conversation. I'm ready to help spread the good cheer! Any guesses? Here are a few hints:
  • She is my friend
  • She is married
Those should help you out SO much, right? :)


Melisa said...

hmmm, anyone I would know?

Grapes can't be smooshy. Period. :o)

Michael and Katie said...

Ginny, you crack me up.