Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Power - Day 3

The past few days have been quite an adventure. We have been without power since Sunday night/early Monday morning. Our house is freezing. We spent Monday evening chopping down frozen tree limbs so they wouldn't break over our drive way and fall on our garage. Kody made me wear ski gloves, a hockey helmet, and ski goggles while we were working. I looked awesome!

We were really lucky. We have a huge tree in our front yard that you can't see in that picture, but it stayed strong! Unfortunately, we are having some roof issues despite nothing falling on the roof. We think it is what is called "ice damming". When ice accumulates on the roof it holds water and allows it to get through. We have four big water spots in our master bed room. Luckily, nothing is dripping and the ceilings haven't busted. We are on the waiting list for three roofers to make sure everything is OK. I think it will be awhile before they get out there. There are a lot of roofs that are in much worse shape than ours. We are blessed!

Last night we decided to have a camp out in the living room. We started a fire, put up the tent, and put the air mattress inside. Bailey was so excited. She slept in the tent with us and kept us warm.

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