Monday, December 3, 2007

Family Fun

Happy December! I can't believe it is already the last month of the year. It has flown by. Our Christmas festivities have already started! Robin was home this weekend to take the LSAT. She can't come home for Christmas, so we celebrated early. It was a lot of fun to see her even though it was only for a day. Friday night we went to Cheesecake factory with Kody's parents for an early birthday celebration. (his birthday is on the 6th). We only had to wait 15 minutes. Amazing! The Jenks/Union game was going on so we figured everyone was there and that is why we had the short wait. We drove to Edmond Saturay afternoon and went to Chili's with my family and then to Braum's had Robin's Christmas and then ate junk the rest of the day watching football.

The highlight of the weekend had to be Braums. Kody loves Cake Batter ice cream. I have to agree, it is pretty amazing. It is really hard to find and they never sell it where you get the scoops; it is only sold as a half gallon. Kody decided he was going to buy the half gallon and have them scoop it for him so he could eat it there. I was mortified. I don't really know why, but I was. The ladies working there thought it was hilarious. They gave Kody the ice cream scoop and he started scooping away at the counter. Then he scooped samples for the workers to try! Robin got a big waffle cone and after she worked her way down she asked for them to put another scoop on her cone. It was hilarious. I sat in the corner eating my pumpkin ice cream.

Kody's finals start on Friday. He is almost a 3/8 doctor. YAY! Work is still keeping me busy. I have a lot of first quarter buying to get done this week. We close down on the 22nd and open back up on January 2nd for the holidays. It's like Christmas break only I'm not in school. I can't wait.

P.S. I refuse to leave my building during lunch because it is freezing. I'm a wuss.

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