Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

I, along with 32 million other people, watched the Oscars Sunday night. I don't particularly care that much about them, but my normally scheduled Sunday evening TV was pre-empted because of them so I didn't have much o fa choice. Plus, Kody wanted to watch Family Guy all night and I simply cannot watch more than one episode of that show at a time. It is dreadful. ANYWAY, as I'm watching, they go through all the awards that not a lot of people care/know about like cinematography, sound effects, blah blah. The Bourne Ultimatium really cleaned up in those categories. As the unknown masters behind the great effects were giving their acceptance speeches they thanked the usual people: their families, their co-workers, and other names no one knows. Then, my attention was sparked when the winner thanked Frank Marshall (producer) and Matt Damon. It suddenly dawned on me that I have met and have had conversations with both these gentlemen. Then I continued to think..."I wonder how many non Hollywood people have had conversations with two people mentioned in the same Oscar acceptance speech?" For a moment, and only a moment, I felt pretty important. That soon passed though because I also realized that neither one of them would have a clue who I was today! It sure is fun how reality brings you right back to earth. I'll just have to make sure I congratulate both of them on the wins if they make it back to OKC with Mark Harmon this summer. Good times.

On a completely different note, Robin's boyfriend Matt has been deployed again for the ninth time. She has no idea where he is and when he'll be back. He couldn't tell her anything. He is a SEAL and what they do is incredibly dangerous. His group is one of the most elite in the Navy. Please keep Matt, his family, and Robin in your prayers. They were both supposed to go skiing with us in a couple weeks, but now we don't know what will happen. Please pray for his safe and timely return.

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