Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday!

I love the primary season. It is so exciting. I hope everyone voted yeseterday. I wore my "I Voted" sticker all day. It amazes me how so many people seem to not care about taking part in voting. People died for the right to vote and we take that forgranted. Kody and I spent much of the evening watching the primary results come in from all the Super Tuesday votes. Very exciting! I am going to be an intern on the board of The League of Women Voters in Tulsa this year. The Tulsa Young Professionals group runs a board intern program and we get to apply to be interns for a year. I was chosen and I am so excited about the board I was matched with. There is no better year to be a part of that group. I start in March. I am really looking forward to it.

This week is full of exciting days, not only was yesterday Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday, but today is signing day! Yes, that is right, it is signing day for all high school and junior college football players. So far Florida has 12 of the ESPN top 150 recruites...more than any other school! They got the #1 and #2 safetys which they desperately need for the upcoming season. I'm very optomistic about their recruting class. Florida played Tennessee last night in bball. It was a great game until the last 10 minutes. I won't go into the final score, but it was ugly. Tennessee just wore them down. Poor Gators.

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