Monday, January 28, 2008

The Beard-Off

Kody is currently in a "beard-off" with one of his friends from school. The winner is whoever keeps their beard the longest. Simple enough, except for the fact that my husband is starting to look like a mountain man. Items will soon be able to be lost in that thing. I don't mind scruff, but I do mind ZZ top facial hair. Anyway, the contest isn't strictly about who can keep the beard the longest. The contest is really about whose wife makes them shave first. That person loses. Most of the time when I think about a competition there is a prize. There has to be motivation to win. Ok I'm lying, I usually like to win just so I can say I won. However, if it negatively effects someone close to me (as Kody's beard negatively effects me!) I need a way to make it up to them by winning a prize. It is the respectable thing to do. This "beard-off" does not have a prize. In fact, it isn't a competition between the guys at is a wife competition that I do not want to be in. I am completely torn at this point. I do not want a nasty bearded husband, but I also do not want to lose! What is a girl to do? My mind tells me win! win! win! My eyes, on the other hand, say throw the game. It is completely out of nature to want to lose, but I think at this point I have no choice. I will keep you posted.

In other news, my face has almost completely healed. I must have an amazing immune system. What a difference five days makes. I almost look normal again. I never knew I liked my face so much.

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gingy said...

Maybe some gum could "accidentally" find it's way into the beard...then by default he'd have to shave it! Although it could backfire and he'd keep it with gum...